eBay seller ‘dieselphreak’ refuses to sell radio to Snake Radio Customs

This is one case where I have to side with Snake Radio Customs. It’s not like he is superhawks, a person with a LONG, LONG history of scamming people. On basic principle you should not buy anything from this dieselphreak person. He might decide he doesn’t like you. Snake Radio Customs bought it, paid for it, and dieselphreak cancelled it, refunded the money, and RELISTED the radio!

Wow. The negative feedback he got was not enough. He earned a spot on the blog. If you don’t like Snake Radio Customs… BLOCK HIM! Don’t sell him a radio then refuse to honor it. After some research, it is actually against eBay’s rules to not sell an item and relist it like that. They won’t force the sale but he won’t get many strikes before he gets kicked off.


Idiots in the CB world. Without “integrity”.

Way to ruin your feedback. Dumbass.


2 thoughts on “eBay seller ‘dieselphreak’ refuses to sell radio to Snake Radio Customs”

  1. His name is Steve Kamyaiak from Kent MI. a Rakish ballwasher. He’s also the won that won a Bird 43 meter on a 1 dollar raffle from trucks CB sales and tried to blacklist him because he didn’t recognize the vintage Weston movement in the meter. He also sold a local a radio that was almost a full channel off “phreak”. Beware

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