Fine Tune CB and Rabbi triggered, trolls ‘mentally fulfilled’

Getting a good laugh about Rabbi twisting the implications of my whitelist. Nothing on the whitelist page says anything about being ‘the best’. What it says for trolls like Fine Tune and Rabbi that did not get past high school English is the following:

Here is a list of shops or techs we find to be more or less credible. As always, use caution.

I don’t see ‘the best’ in there, do you?

Your ‘honesty, integrity, and credibility’ goes out the window what you can’t do something as simple as read. What we claim here is that these people will not scam you. They have real shops with real people. They are not fly by night in a Winnebago in the desert running power on top of a mountain and claiming tunes that no other human can achieve with, get this, now it’s 2-3 watts. It was 10 watts at some point. Too bad the meter on his radio was fully deflecting, again. I guess it was not calibrated. ‘Integrity’ and ‘Credibility’ remember?

We know the only ‘credible’ shop in the eyes of rabbiSHILLchop is Fine Tune. You are a SHILL. Nothing more.

Now, on to the funniest thing I have seen in a awhile.

Simple answer here is that ‘Kleve Chemist Klepper’ is a Fine Tune troll. This name has come up on several occasions such as the harassment of Allen Ward. I love what he posted:

I have so much fun, Entertainment, and mental fulfillment [sic] with this radio and all the intangibles that come along with it.

The ‘mental fulfilment’ and ‘intangibles’. I love that. He is being ‘mentally fulfilled’ like the radio is imbued with pixie dust. Fun and entertainment? Sure. Mental fulfilment? Okay….. but intangibles? Like spirits and ghosts? Intangibles are something that cannot be touched or felt. The radio must have really touched him in a special way.

Oh, and do thank your uncle. Why is it so obvious that you are enlisting people to help you set these situations up? These are supposed to be random contacts but you are clearly controlling the entire circumstance. It’s totally fabricated. You listen for certain people at certain times and only talk to those people and claim those are the only people you hear or that they hear because of these “fine tuned” radios.

Integrity!!!!! Get some!


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  1. He better not be using Magic Pixie Dust, I got the copyright on that and manufacture my own brand here on my Pixie farm.

    For RabbitDroppings here’s the definition of SHILL :

    an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.
    act or work as a shill.

    Definitely what he is. Can’t prove one single claim he makes, neither can Under Drive.

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