Fine Tune CB trolls giving reviews on I80 in PA? What a joke.

Oh when this one dropped just before 10PM Eastern time talking about “getting your chance” to show what you can do or what your “tech” can do, I laughed. You had to go to some specific place on I80 in PA and accept the ruling of a known liar and troll, RabbiPorkChop, and another one of his trolls parked at predetermined locations planned ahead of time. And you had to be there at 10:45PM.

Oh, but you had less than one hour to get out there to get told your radio sounds like shit against these “fine tuned” radios. We all know the outcome is predefined and planned ahead of time. The 45 minutes that you had to show up was just to give the illusion of being “fair”. Oh, and the judges are an employee/shill with another known troll! That’s like the judge in your murder trial being a close relative or friend of the person you murdered! Can you say kangaroo court?

Is hard drive and co. this desperate to troll and scam people? You guys need content?

Then he talks about integrity. Yeah. You got it dude… can’t even rig your own contest without it being an obvious failure and scam.

Wow. I can’t make this up.

1 thought on “Fine Tune CB trolls giving reviews on I80 in PA? What a joke.”

  1. I heard these guys and all they did was tell everyone their choice of technician was wrong and how they could talk 50 miles and that I sounded like shit and I needed a fine tune cb radio.
    Some other driver told them he had a fine tune radio and he sounded perfect until he told them that he was joking it was done by another tech and they shut up after that but by then I could not hear them anymore they were somewhere in east central pa on 80

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