Jokerman Electronics holds customer equipment for ransom

This gem landed in my inbox a few minutes ago. What can I say? Don’t deal with Jokerman Electronics because the joke is on you. Let’s take a look at this word salad shall we…

Allow me to translate and give a brief synopsis:

What he is saying is that until the bad reviews are removed he will not return the amplifier. He seems to imply that he can make this easier or harder. He clearly wants MORE MONEY for labor because its business and that he is not a friend and he has to run an (illegitimate) business. If you keep talking bad about me it’s not going to be good for you. Original message follows, interesting parts highlighted in red.

On Sunday, March 10, 2019, 7:20:49 PM EDT, jason [redacted] <[redacted]> wrote:

Hey all you gotta do is be man the man take those reviews down and talk to me but until then the amplifier Will stay with me Intel we talk you keep going around is this making it harder for you you talk it that about my business in and can I make it easy for you you know So I wait on your response as soon as also down you call me up and be man the man about it will talk What you need to pay me more labor because I’m in my labor talk you later this Business we’re not friends this is a business I have to run a business sorry but this is how gotta be View or use must come down you talk any more about my stuff is not gonna be very pleasing for you………………………………………….

I think what he did is waited until the end of the message to add those things called “periods” that would normally separate these things we call “sentences”?

Tell me Jokerman. How is THREATENING your customers helping you? Are you kidding me?

Let’s look more into Jokerman…..

This business – like almost every other CB radio business – is not a real business. It’s a guy in his garage dodging taxes and business licenses. In other words, criminals. If you expected anything less than criminal activity then you expect too much. There are businesses in his state that have registered agents with the same name as him. None of them appeared to be related to him in any way.

Google has some interesting results but I wonder what Bob’s CB thinks about Jokerman using images of his store for the last decade or so?



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