Jokerman Electronics upgrades from butcher to scammer

Many people are writing into the blog to tell me about some bait-and-switch scams that the Joker Man himself is running. I still question his competency and whether or not he has the capacity to pull off a scam but the noise level on this is rising and it’s rising fast. Remember when Fine Tune CB endorsed Jokerman Electronics because he was “trying”? That video is gone now. I guess he did not want to be guilty for sending people to Jokerman Electronics. We have the video if anyone is interested in seeing it.

I implore people. Look at his record. Take a look at case# 3PC96000234K in the state of Hawaii.

And take a look at this review. A clear and obvious FAKE review. He got his own wife to make up a story and post it. Does he think people won’t look? Duh! This is probably breaking a few rules, and this is not the only one of these fake reviews posted.

Several users send me screenshots of the blacklist Facebook group and the ongoing discussion about an amplifier for one James Stewart. The story of James’ amplifier is identical to this story on Truckers Report:

It just goes on and on.

Jokerman Electronics, Your scammer superstore. Backed exclusively by Hard Drive… Fine Tune CB! Get your Terrorists here!

Integrity. Get some.


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  1. PADDYWAGON & JAMES STEWART are the same,,,To get my post on the TRUCKER WEBSITE,,,I had to register and have a user name and password ,so PADDYWAGON is me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,as my right to free speech,so I placed my review there and other places to review his business,I ended up there.People need to know of him and his cohort JEFF,HE GETS HIS OWN DAUGHTERS TO ACT AS CUSTOMERS and place good reviews If you use GOOGLE maps and it will show JOKERMAN ELECTRONICS as a small house on 22 HERITAGE DRIVE.3 bedroom,,,so his STORE must be a bedroom??IS HE GETTING OTHER FRIENDS TO ACT AS CUSTOMERS?



      1. And the beat goes on and on,,of ALL things JOKERMAN has been BLACKLISTED/ALONG with others,,,But his reviews are even worse,take a look see….1.5 YEARS OF REVIEWS…..HARD WORKING MEN AND WOMAN LOST MONEY…
        Tondra Kelly….NEVER GOT AMP SHE ORDERED
        Steven Brent…RIP OFF CUSTOMER
        Kirk Fuller…CROOK BAD SERVICE
        wendell allen…WAITING 4 MONTHS
        Thomas Mcmurray…NOT TRUSTWORTHY
        Tony Jackson…BAD PACKAGING
        Jokerman Electronics
        Electronics and Technology
        RATING D Delivery Issues
        Status: Unanswered
        Mike M.
        Palmdale, CA…CRAP EXPIRENCE
        Tony J.
        Spartanburg, SC…POOR PRODUCT
        Brandy M.
        Fort Walton Beach, FL…AMP 6 MONTHS LATE
        Jokerman Electronics Claimed
        1.0 star rating 3 reviews…..wish I had known this beforehand//

  2. take a look at how things are worded in that review and it is very easy to see that it is the joker himself typing. he’s just using his wife’s account.

    I’d be willing to be that its the same thing with his kids’ accounts.

  3. “Jokerman Electronics, Your scammer superstore. Backed exclusively by Hard Drive… Fine Tune CB! ”

    I like this blog, a lot… but can you explain how Jokerman is backed by Fine Tune?
    I can’t stand either of them, but I genuinely would like to know.
    Do you mean to say that Fine Tune is the #1 scammer, after Jokerman?

    They are both salesmen and not technicians, that much is apparent.
    Have a great Friday night everyone!

    1. Fine Tune CB defended Jokerman and his practices in a video he live streamed around mid-September 2018.
      That video was titled “on my mind” and fortunately I saved the video.
      Hard Drive is the type of person that needs a teleprompter which is why virtually all of his live streams have since been deleted.
      Anyone that watched the live stream would certainly arrive at that conclusion since he sides with him in it as a fellow dyslexic person.

      My favorite section of the video that starts about a minute and a half in..

      But I see how people jack with you all the time.
      And I see how people jack with all kinds of people all of the time.
      When the people making these accusations and claims are complete idiots themselves.
      They can’t show you a bench, They can’t show you a minimum N I S T [sic] certification calibration.
      They can’t show you nothing.
      Some of them sit on forums and talk a bunch of shit, and act like they know something.

      Of course, he implicates himself and RabbiPorkchop in this video so I am sure that’s one reason it was removed.

      1. Excellent, thanks; I appreciate the detail.
        I think he is deflecting attention by projectecting what he is doing, but saying others are doing it and he “feels bad” for Jokerman??

        {But I jack with you all the time.} (what he is really saying)
        {And I jack with all kinds of people all of the time.} (ditto)
        {When the people making these accusations and claims are
        complete idiots themselves.} (He’s admitting, “I’m an idiot”)

        {They can’t show you a bench, They can’t show you a minimum N I S T [sic] certification calibration.}
        (His fake NIST paper means nothing in the grand scheme, & his bench is not very “elite” by any sense…)

        {They can’t show you nothing.} (nice double negative,)
        {Some of them sit on forums and talk a bunch of shit, and act like they know something.}
        (RabbiPorkChop talks so much shit, but he’s “just a driver” when he gets it wrong.. Propaganda artist is what RPC is..)

        Hard Drive doesn’t do repair work, because is simply a salesman; his best skill is manipulation.

        That’s what he is really saying here, he was doing this to other YouTubers, but it isn’t him.. Look over there man, don’t look at me man, I like the guy, BULL SHIT you like him..

        Eat a dick Hard Drive, with your 100 Watt “barefoot radio”.
        Have a great day!


        1. No James Stewart never pad his if any butty say one more thing about me that it’s your not bissnies you get sued

    2. Yes he is a scammer #1,along with his pard. JEFF,He put himself into the fray…HIGHJACKED/Jokerman Electronic/SCAM MORE MONEY/STOLEN///////10 DAY NOTICE $250 DOUBLE TO $500 IN 3 DAYS……..On Sat, May 26, 2018, 11:42 PM jason lewis… wrote:
      30 x10. 300 pluse shipping 13.00
      Pluse 250 Tech work to take out the pills the put the pills in time consuming to add parts cost money and I put in different parts in there much better Ones a loud and proud when I’m done with I’m ready when you are God-bless be waiting for you Answer Jay ,,NOW HOW DO WE GET TO $1200 for a $850 amplifier?DID YOU EMAIL ME TO ASK ABOUT OTHER WORK TO BE DONE,,,,NOOOOOO,,,,you just did as you please and then after that send fake invoices for almost $1500……$565 plus $1200 plus $1500 in fake invoices GRAND TOTAL $3265 A SCAM NO WAY AROUND IT….I have proof
      2 Questions I need answers for,,,I’LL never stop until I get these answers,never
      ,# 1 Why if a valued customer asked politely,please,please to return amplifier 6 months ago did you not do so? Didnt read the request? Or wanted to hold equipment to make more money ?
      # 2 How can you give someone a 10 day notice for $250 and in 3 days increase the amount to $500 by someone named JEFF? And say you could charge$1200/ Is that legal/is that good business?

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