Jokerman Electronics: Why isn’t he on the blacklist?

The REAL blacklist. Not the Tube Group, or One Stop – The Pug Daddy and Rakish circle jerk. Bob, I want to know why Jokerman is not on the list? You have TWO THREADS about him and several customers have come forward. One has all the proof in the world and a lesser person in the world selling radios or service would be on the blacklist. His own videos incriminate him! I have to ask…. is Jokerman immune?

The parade of angry customers on last nights stream was enough. Repeated questions about one customers’ amplifier with two threads on the blacklist!

Just look at the comments made during his last stream. He will not address customers that want their stuff back. Bob? Blacklist Admins? What action is being taken to put Jokerman on the blacklist where he belongs?

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  1. Hey cb radio blog guy. Just cause you got a blog why are you a authority on anything? Also im not affiliated with pug or radish. He probably isnt list because he has a buddy in Bobs group like other amp builders did. If someone came forward to bobs group and one may have but may have been suppressed. Like what I have done with tube group or not. Bad deeds need to be punished.. period.

  2. Now you see why I feel the original blackllist is irrelevant. It’s no longer there to do a service to the cb radio community, but rather prop up a group of people who are bad or not. Look at x-force they should have been blacklisted last year when there were tons of people crying foul. But it was not until the proof was broadcast to the masses and after x-force was totally done that a negative judgment was levied against them. I feel that nro & blacklist is a complete joke and have been betrayed by the rohlings for there gain only. I am happy to see others that feel this way. I feel I made the right choice in no longer having anything to do with the lies, the cheating, and corruption created by them. I want to be a part of the solution and not part of the problem!

    1. I don’t think there is any conspiracy here because I have screenshots of virtually all of the blacklist admins that think Jokerman is a scammer and a butcher.
      What I don’t understand is why it’s taking them so long to make a ruling.
      It is no different than X-Force where they took seemingly forever to make a ruling on that as well.

      If the other blacklists want to step up they are going to have to be more legitimate.
      The tube group was a bait and switch farce and created in bad faith.
      One Stop is a never ending bitch session over the Rohlings and Chad Jolley orchestrated by Damir and Pug Daddy over Bill Cain and his beam.
      Did Damir ever deliver that beam, by the way?

      Of course not.

      Since neither of them are credible how can a list run by them be credible?

      1. Well if this is about credibility I have screenshots of Ben suppressing people’s complaints of x-force wrong doing such as no communication issues. There were tons of red flags that most people saw that spelled out wrong doing. I knew without a doubt things were not right with arlyn over a year ago. But all Ben was doing was going out of his way to go after people who had legitimate concerns. That’s wrong, listen Ben has been around the block with this stuff his experience should have told him this was not right. But he didn’t care why? Because arlyn had bought him off, arlyn was using him to go after his competition, and to also suppress the truth. Ben is being truthful when he said he was not a x-force employee, but there is no doubt he had his hand in the ultimate wrong doing. Joker man is one of many people who for what ever reason is not being blacklisted, justin heck, Michael Houston are a few other names that need to be on there. I say the original blacklist needs to be reformed, and find new leadership if it will ever be a trusted institution in the cb radio community ever again.


    Only way Bill Cain ever got his beam that was given away was that I bought him a new 3 element maco. I honestly thought him and ben could have worked it out that whole deal suprised me.. (90 days blah blah) I stepped up and fixed it where no one else would… The tube group bait and switch? Really.. a dead group that had 1 post a week is a big big issue? Cb radio Blogger get real… I will be doing some more videos.. Like I said before they arent listed cause no pressure to list them by the masses or leadership suppressing people. You wanna ask about a list? Bobs list has tons of names what did they do? Nothing beside the name.. Upset the admin team in that group must be answer.


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