Let’s look at Telstar Electronics’ latest plastic amplifier

You know, because he runs down to home depot to buy a weatherproof plastic electrical box to contain RF. Shame on those builders for using metal boxes to keep the RF in! When will they learn that you use plastic boxes like Telstar does! I guess all of the commercially made amplifiers that are in metal boxes, well, they are doing it all wrong.

Miss Moneypenny, take a memo….. To Ameritron, from Telstar Electronics. You are doing it wrong. Signed satellite TV installer.

Yep. Because Mr. Telstar is responsible for my satellite dish as a barely above minimum wage worker. He is the guy that comes to my house and installs my satellite dish so I can watch Game Of Thrones. He is no authority on amplifiers.

Keep fooling yourself, Mr. Telstar. You might make it one day.

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