One Stop blacklist circles the drain

This is quite possibly the easiest whitelist to manipulate. All you need to do to get on their “whitelist” is either know someone, or do one good deal. Just one. Once you have done this single good deal you are now on their “whitelist” and any unsuspecting user in One Stop that uses one of these “whitelisted” sellers can easily be scammed.

This is how the scam would go down…. Sell a radio for a good price, as described no shenanigans. Get whitelisted. You only need to do one deal:

Next…. list a whole bunch of shit you don’t have or don’t intend to deliver on. Cite that you are on the “one stop whitelist”. Let the poor and unsuspecting on and off of One Stop buy these things that they will never see. But he is whitelisted!

Aaaaaaaaaaand. Profit!

Oh, and not blacklisting KNOWN SCAMMERS like Anthony Carrino. When One Stop got called out for it Pug went a little pugshit and deleted it all.


Yes Puggy. Scammers are now free to scam because of your illegitimate list where scammers now get a free pass. Great idea. Pay attention to Jimmy and what he says. It does not matter if he is behind another blacklist. HE IS RIGHT.

But we all know this is the intention of One Stop anyway. To get their friends off the hook.



2 thoughts on “One Stop blacklist circles the drain”

  1. A dying hobby loses more everyday, yet many are only securing their own interest.
    I’ve got an idea, why don’t we all get away from the CB and the computers; at least for a little while..

    I know I could use some exercise, how about you?
    I’ve got a lot of fat around my midsection, I wonder if Sherman has any of that “diet aid” that makes you talk real fast..

    These people only care about money, & fame; blinded by ego…………
    They are too stupid to swallow their pride and keep their mouth shut.
    Ignorance is bliss, and they are happy being evil.
    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
    Have some empathy on us lowly mortals, you deranged (scary) sycophants!

    I’m just gonna send it!

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