RabbiPorkChop and other Fine Tune CB trolls comically redefining barefoot and failing.

Oh yes the amusement from this camp continues. I wanted to publish an article about this a week ago but I wanted to see where this thread went. And it delivers the most amusing content of almost any Fine Tune CB thread rivalling the epic trolling that happened on WWDX. (along with his notable absence form that forum) Let’s dive into this comedy of errors, lies, fabrications, and omissions by Fine Tune and Co.

The thread is here and worth reading for comedic effect: https://www.thetruckersreport.com/truckingindustryforum/threads/explain-this-propagation.1372242/

When you read it use Gilbert Gottfried’s voice for extra emphasis.

This thread starts out with RabbiPorkChop trying to troll the blog and look for acceptance having been caught in several lies about his mountaintop DXing. It’s a cry for help from the Fine Tune troll community, and they come running to his aid. At first the thread is run essentially by other Fine Tune trolls and shills. Then others come in with head scratching…. with questions like….. But you guys are using high powered CB radios? They reject that notion saying they are using a radio without an amplifier. One user comments that he has a radio that does 4kw and asks if it’s barefoot, mocking RabbiPorkChop in the process. He doesn’t realize they are laughing at him, not with him. Sad.

What is a barefoot CB radio? If I search Google for barefoot CB I get the first result here: http://www.angelfire.com/bc/crazylex/slang.html

This page was first seen as far back as 2002. It’s an angelfire page so this page is likely to have existed since the mid 90s – or more than 20 years. How was barefoot defined over 20 years back? Try using the wayback machine on some of these 20 and 25 year old websites that make reference to barefoot being a stock legal power CB radio. Some sites made reference to the CB radios with built in amps back in the 90s as NOT being “barefoot” radios because they have amplifiers. It was accepted back then that an internal amplifier also disqualified “barefoot” because it’s not a legal powered radio. The so-called “export” radios like the Galaxy base stations and dual-final radios were seen as not being “barefoot” radios. So what did I find on this page from over 20 years ago?

Barefoot – An unmodified CB radio or running a CB radio without a linear amplifier (i.e.
Using the allowable 4 watts AM or 12 watts SSB).

Oh my. This is what people in the thread are saying because “barefoot” CB radios have been known to be legal power radios for DECADES. You see, back in the 70s, 80s, and even the 90s running a legal power radio and shooting skip successfully earned you bragging rights. It’s a lot easier running power. Running no power was a feather in your cap. This is what Hard Drive and Co are trying to exploit, they want that feather in their cap but to get it they need to try to redefine what it is by cheating, lying, and scamming.

It gets better…..

Because RabbiPorkChop is being disingenuous let’s take a look at what QRZ is since he must have some form of reading comprehension problem or Dysphasia. What does QRZ have to do with CB radio?


Let’s examine that again. Because I can’t see how QRZ is related to CB radio. Looks like those damn hambones! More on this shortly.

Not to be disingenuous, but I’m not sure how legal CB output has any relevance to the terminology of barefoot as defined by qrz. As it’s defined it’s exactly how I’ve used the terminology and 4 Watts never came into the equation. the only thing that ever came into the equation is whether or not there was an external amplifier connected to the transmitter.

He is being disingenuous. Just so we are all on the same page… He is talking about a CB radio and he wants to use the QRZ definition of a barefoot AMATEUR radio? What he is saying here is “I want you to use MY interpretation because it validates my conclusions and I need to feel good and make my master HARD DRIVE feel good, too. We want that feather! ITS MY PRECIOUS!”

This is where things have gone hypocritical. RabbiPorkChop has repeatedly referred to amateur radio operators by some less than flattering names like hambone or made reference to a joke where amateur radio operators can make their own wire by stretching a penny, Anti-Semitic references like most hams are Jewish,  or that amateur radio operators are clueless and stupid people. He denigrates them but when he can’t get a CB term to fit his narrative he runs…. to… hams? I thought they were clueless and stupid? He expects us to believe that he likes ham radio operators all of a sudden? They are not clueless or cheap ass Jewish penny pinchers as long as he can appropriate them to suit his narrative. Next week they will be clueless and cheap hacks again.

Next he will say he is using an Amateur “10 meter” radio. Let’s see if I can buy one from any Amateur radio outlets…
Short answer: No I cannot buy an Anytone or Stryker CB “10 meter” radio from the largest outfits… One is selling Anyone dual band HTs and the programming cables but that’s the extent of it.
Why? Simple. They are not Amateur radios. Since when do Amateur radios have echo boards, emergency channel 9 buttons, and 40 channel displays?
Don’t stop believin…… hold on to the feelin……
Sorry guys. I guess these radios are not legitimate Amateur radios if amateurs don’t want them. They know they are CB radios made to look like Amateur radios, and they do a really, REALLY bad job of it.
Get some integrity.
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  1. Barefoot has always stood for a radio not modified, running FCC mandated legal power. Another words, no Golden Screwdriver, no peak and tube, no aftermarket pill or transistor changes. It’s 4 watss AM and 16 SSB period. Anything else is not Barefoot.

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