RabbiPorkChop buys fake dislikes to create sympathy for Fine Tune CB [with proof]

Here is how this works. Create a situation where someone is being attacked to rally people to the side of the “victim”. They had a plan. Let’s make it look like the other CB Radio shops are mass disliking Fine Tune CB and Rabbi videos while attacking Hard Drive, with a twist that NRO was behind it of course. The problem is that Rabbi put the image on his own personal photobucket of his own radio’s video and someone saw it. This image does not exist there today. He uploaded it to show whomever – most likely Hard Drive – then deleted it. Along with the screenshot of Rabbi’s photobucket is one of the videos they used to create the fake rage against below.

Their plan is as I outlined above… make it look like Hard Drive and Rabbi are victims when in fact they are not victims. See rabbi’s PUBLIC photobucket below. Take a look at that image in the upper left. Just put this name into Google and take a look at it now… Totally fabricated the fake rage.

Here is that image from the upper left that was downloaded before he deleted it… But notice the ‘likes’ count so this is before they started buying likes on his videos… We only started to see the mass quantities of likes and dislikes on his videos After around July/August 2018. Why the hell did you buy dislikes on a video of your own radio? That’s kind of obvious.

I searched to find out what company this is, and it’s a company called Mass Media Plus. The partial footer in this image matches theirs exactly. Let’s take a look at recent comments on this video:

Aww… ‘another video that the butthurt brigade bombed with 100’s[sic] of dislikes within minutes’ and a quip about ‘shady people’.
I guess we know who the shady person was after all, don’t we. Your own shill trying to drum up support. Rabbi wanted people to see his radio. The sticker on the radio has his name on it. Of course he wants to play victim.

Here is the video as it existed some time after August with huge amounts of dislikes. Note the likes too… this is after the calls started going out at the time to like his videos. I can remember seeing the posts on Facebook to like his videos because NRO was supposedly disliking them.

Here is the same video today, just edited:

Same video. Different title and description. Likes/dislikes now hidden. Background changed from white to black. Clearly the video had some editing done to it. I can find no reference to this ‘conductive wax scam’ that was ‘going around’. It never existed. I can find ZERO reference to it. Just more fabrication from Hard Drive and co.

Integrity Hard Drive. Integrity. Get some.