RabbiPorkChop with his “fine tuned” BS radio claims two million conversations in 14 years

Oh yes this is especially good. TWO MILLION PEOPLE could not talk to him during this roughly one hour / 70 something mile journey that he claims to do with a “barefoot” CB radio which is really a high powered radio capable of nearly 100 watts. But two million people? BULL SHIT.

The same BULL SHIT as the “I sent my radio to X technicians” which might be 50 today, 70 tomorrow, 60 next week…. The fees and postage both ways for a radio would be prohibitive and take YEARS to “try” all of those technicians out. 50 techs might take 4-5 years and that doesn’t leave much time to evaluate the work before you put it in a box and send it to the next guy. It’s not just exaggeration. 10 or 15 techs is exaggerating. 50… 60… or 70 is just lying.

Let’s do some BASIC math that people that shill for Fine Tune cannot seem to do when they invent these numbers:

The travel time is about an hour. This is based on his video and it seems reasonable to do a 70-80 mile trip in an hour where you are going…. 70 or more miles per hour. It’s likely more than one hour so let’s be generous and call it an hour. It helps his numbers anyway. That’s TWO MILLION HOURS of conversations. Keeping it simple there are 24 hours in a day, 356 days in a year except leap years but, again, keeping it simple that’s 8,760 hours in one year. There would be 122,640 hours in 14 years if we had no leap years. We could use 365.25 and be “precise” but it will just make RabbiPorkChop look more foolish.

122,640 DOES NOT EQUAL 2,000,000. That means you did not have conversations with “a couple of million drivers” in 14 years along one stretch of road. Let’s not even talk about your encounter with Fine Tune CB that certainly did not happen 14 years ago since he only emerged in the last 5 or so.

He can claim the “couple of million” conversations and that he sat there 24 hours a day to accomplish even a hundred thousand… or we can just call BS on it now. Tens of conversations? Okay! No question there. nothing strange.

What was more impressive was out of a couple million drivers passing through over the past 14 years, that guy Tom was the first ever to be able to transmit a signal to that very same location I was sitting after he passed the TA at the mm 232 Buckhorn exit.

“That guy Tom” is another Fine Tune shill that posts around. He knows exactly who “that guy Tom” is and to refer to him as “that guy” is an attempt to make it seem like some other random person that happened to have a “Fine Tune” radio that just happened to be there by chance. It was a set-up by their own admission. They ADVERTISED it ahead of time!

BUT TWO MILLION “DRIVERS” (People)? I have a bridge to sell!

Integrity? Right.

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