Reports: RabbiPorkChop and troll cause I80 disruption, upset truck drivers on CH19.

Several emails and comments have been received since Hard Drive and his trolls tried their publicity stunt last night. It turns out it is exactly what we knew it was. This was just a way to harass other techs. What these two trolls did was sit out in PA and call out to people to ask for radio checks. When they got their response they asked about who “tuned” the radio. When the person responded the trolls (rabbi and friends) proceeded to harass the person over his choice of technician and tell people they need to go see Fine Tune CB because they were “morons” or “sounded like shit”.

There is no doubt that none of this will end up in the videogate. They are hard at work editing out all of their name calling and harassment as I type this.

This is how Fine Tune does business. Harass and belittle everyone else while praising himself. Mental illness is strong here. The “tech community” is complacent and they need to step up and expose this harassment for what it is. CALL HIM OUT. Make people aware of this. He will say: “It’s not me!” while he posts the video on his channel then calls it “very creative”.

Integrity. Get some. No legitimate business takes to the airwaves to call other drivers “fucking idiots” or “losers” because Bell’s CB sold a guy a radio.

Take a look at this email…

A friend sent me this website to look at after we talked about these to guys on the radio cursing and threatening people because their radios sounded like shit while i was taking a load to scraton pa last night and these guys would not shut up about fine tunes cb shop and other drivers were getting upset and i just turned my radio off because i got tired of hearing about it and all the cursing and fighting about cb technicians so fuck this tech i wont ever deal with him because these people wont stay off 19 while we are trying to do a job i work for a living and i wont send this guy any of my hard earned money because he has these people cursing and bothering people about their radios they are making our jobs as drivers harder thank you

Sorry, not my wall of text. That’s how I got it.

A comment left on the blog:

I heard these guys and all they did was tell everyone their choice of technician was wrong and how they could talk 50 miles and that I sounded like shit and I needed a fine tune cb radio.
Some other driver told them he had a fine tune radio and he sounded perfect until he told them that he was joking it was done by another tech and they shut up after that but by then I could not hear them anymore they were somewhere in east central pa on 80


Integrity! where is it? Not at Fail Tune CB.

You care so much about the drivers but you send a pair of trolls to harass these people while doing their jobs. Fucking scumbags.

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