Telstar Electronics feels intimidated

The satellite TV installer that lies, threatens, harasses, and tries to.. INTIMIDATE “the builders” but he feels that this blog and others are here to intimidate him! Pot meet kettle! What a turn of events!

His entire Facebook page is a cesspool of fake news and like people including his GoFundMe scammer friend (who had his campaign REMOVED for being a scam!) that feed into this constant harassment of “the builders”. Anyone that challenges him – even in a nice way – are “trolls” but he has a HARD ON for Rocketbox and TROLLS owners of these amplifiers plus the person/companies that sell them on at least a weekly basis.

Telstar has been referenced pretty infrequently by this blog over it’s nearly one year of existence. Generally speaking he isn’t news. We have only attacked his credentials and the FACT that he constantly harasses others. He renders judgement when not even remotely qualified to do so. I don’t pass judgement on “the builders” right or wrong because I am not qualified and perhaps Telstar needs to take a hint there. His track record of making a “product” then “discontinuing” it within days or weeks because “it didn’t sell” speaks for itself. EVERY PRODUCT FAILED.

He is getting upset because he is getting covered by the blog for HARASSING others. Wah Wah. Take a hint. Stop bothering people and there would be no reason to cover it. How often do you see BBI here despite being HATED? He is not harassing anyone! There is no news? Seen Fine Tune lately? Not harassing anyone! (yet)

He should take the hint. But he won’t stop because he RELISHES IT.

As far as “this blogger”? I run many blogs. Every day is Saturday. I want to go skiing tomorrow? I can do that. I want to go see the Eiffel Tower? I can do that. He works for me by giving me content to eventually monetise yet another blog. I should thank him for the content and the impressions while he cries a river.



1 thought on “Telstar Electronics feels intimidated”

  1. How can you be on the radio, yet have such tender sensibilities?
    But I suppose folks selling illegal RF Amplifiers need a hero too.
    – The opposite of Love is not Hate,
    It is Indifference.

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