The Passion of the Rabbi – A conversation with what is arguably the biggest shill ever.

When I first saw these screenshots I was blown away. It makes me thankful that I have my sanity and clarity of mind. but it also shows us the dangers of shills and their lack of ability to have independent thought. In some cases the shills are employees so they are just doing what they are told. A perfect example of a paid shill is Kellyanne Conway, whom has admitted to ‘needing a shower’ after she goes on television. She clearly does not like what she is shilling and is capable of having a differing opinion but cannot publicly state this opinion. There is at least some hope for her.

In comes RabbiPorkChop, along with his hero Hard Drive, both of which hate the blog. Get in line fellas. They don’t have a problem challenging the blog on a medium they control like WorldwideDX, Where it is clear that the administration is friendly with them. I have over a dozen screenshots of comments left by some of the people they harass on their respective YouTube channels that they deleted just so they can claim that these people are silent on the issue or do not challenge them. It’s all about controlling the message. They only post where conditions are favorable to them. Posting in neutral territory? Hell no, they can’t control the message then. And posts ABOUT THEM appear on neutral grounds all the time and I had a forum admin contact the blog because they asked for the thread to be removed! Yes, if they can’t control it they cry about it! It’s not fair! I’m going to tell your mommy on you! Grow up kids. Really. Take your beating like every other shop or tech does, especially from you two.

The comments in the below screenshots however give me a great deal of insight. Mark (Fine Tune CB or Hard Drive) doesn’t want to deal with anyone that has lower than a 120 IQ. If you take even basic psychology you learn that the IQ tests can pretty much say what you want. This is a prefect example of trying to insult people without actually insulting them because they have absolutely no idea what they are even referencing. But does this mean that Fine Tune asks potential customers for their test scores? No. It’s a fallacy. I have the entire checklist on how to become a ‘Fine Tune CB’ customer. It tells me that Fine Tune is paranoid and delusional. He feels unsafe in his work or his work ethic because anyone that was so sure in their work would not ask such questions or make such demands. It’s a lack of confidence that is masked by a character. He is an actor.

The defence? Abstraction. It’s all abstract. He isn’t there to teach you but ‘tap, tap, tap’ pay attention! Go watch my videos to learn! Which is it? He wants you to ‘learn’ but now it’s all abstract? Are you kidding me? It’s how they make the lie fit the narrative of the hour or minute.

The insane rant that RabbiPorkChop types up illustrates just how deep this antisocial rabble goes. He talks about making videos to prove a point but if you question his integrity then his point won’t be made. No, Really? He needs to take a look in the mirror. I never posted the doctored images of anyone’s family in my possession. They have posted doctored images of others and their families, even posted explicit remarks about these family members but then whine about integrity? Ever wonder why it’s them vs. the world? one of them is a criminal. In our society we don’t trust criminals. I don’t think it’s the right thing to do but I don’t have a say over society. Let’s examine integrity from Google..

Integrity means following your moral or ethical convictions and doing the right thing in all circumstances, even if no one is watching you. Having integrity means you are true to yourself and would do nothing that demeans or dishonors you.

When they post doctored images of others, or their wives and children to solicit a negative response, don’t you think that might demean and dishonor them? no, of course not. They have integrity right? that makes it all better. It’s the lack of ability to recognize this that makes it a serious problem for them.

On lying. They have no reason to lie. Really? People and companies have been lying about their competitors for centuries. All of a sudden these two are different? Their motive is profit, marketshare, recognition…. All very powerful reasons to lie. but neither have a reason? If none of that mattered they would not spend tones of money on promotion, buying fake views, likes, dislikes, or having disinformation campaigns on Facebook where even Telstar is more successful at it.

And, the WWDX forum is ‘dishonest’ so why is it that Fine Tune threads get locked but threads on other techs with the same discussion stay open? This is another illusion that I presented to WWDX but they refused to answer. Why is that WWDX administration? It’s pretty obvious the bias towards Fine Tune is favorable since the threads get closed/locked/deleted but other techs remain open FOR YEARS!

We are supposed to take the word of Rabbi or Hard Drive, especially in cases where Rabbi has admitted to falsifying some of his videos.

Beam me up.
Insanity below…. just be careful reading it. This is some twisted stuff.

Just ask yourself if you believe things that are too good to be true. A guy in the desert talking from a mountaintop can accomplish a feat no other person can. Ever. Is that person Jesus himself? If someone came to you and said they had the cure to cancer would you take their word for it or tell them to show you? Rational people are skeptical. But you have to believe in Hard Drive as if he was radio Jesus and never question him.


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  1. That stuff seems awful familiar… where have I seen that at before?

    Guess I’d remember if my IQ wasn’t sub-120. Haha.

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