The RabbiPorkChop videogate drops.. complete with faked location data!

What did we expect? What did they expect I was going to do? That I was not going to punch those GPS coordinates in and take a look? Take the word of a convicted criminal, troll, and liar as gospel? It took them all day long to edit out all of their trolling on CH19 to add this fake GPS data. Watch the video below but take notes. His partner asks him if he is going to stay where he is or go to another location. He says he is going to go to a hotel parking lot. He emphasizes that he is going to get a good shot of a sign. This is so he can establish a location… the idea being… there I was! it’s in the video!

And poof. the video cuts over to the new location. We never see outside, but we see these GPS coordinates that are nowhere near being in a parking lot.


If you listen to the area descriptions and look at the GPS coordinates Rabbi is keen on showing you a parking lot and sign at the start. Except it doesn’t match the GPS coordinates now does it?

They keep “losing each other” over time then regain contact. Look at the terrain between them. It’s all of these mountainous areas and as his partner troll climes a mountain they… GASP! regain contact! AMAZING!!!!!!!

But, that’s not all! Keep listening and they talk about being 50 miles away down I80:

Well don’t that beat all. RabbiPorkChop is over 1500 feet in the air and his partner is below him. And they have line of sight between the peaks. They maintain LOS for a good long time too. They also change over to SSB to talk instead of AM – another important distinction.

What did we learn? It’s really easy to take video in a parking lot and say… here I am! then drive to another location much higher up…. like say, a mountain… and take GPS coordinates. we never see that parking lot again in the video.

What I at least halfway expected was that he would show the GPS coordinates to he parking lot he was in, not off to the side of a mountaintop road.

Not too smart.. Methinks the video comes down for “edits” now.

Integrity? Lie moar!

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