Watching as Rakish pulls many of Pug Daddy’s strings over at One Stop

How many incarnations of RNN have we seen? Three? Four? We know the first incarnation was behind a hit job that was arranged by RabbiPorkChop and Hard Drive to generate content for Fine Tune CB. That content was used in an attack against Trucks CB Sales because Hard Drive is too much of a pussy to do it himself. Those videos are still on Fine Tunes YouTube channel and the threads are alive and well on Truckers Report. It’s only when the relationship between Rakish and Hard Drive went south that Rakish went on to try to smear Hard Drive by letting all of this skeletons out of the closet. This is what happens when you let Rakish into your world. Don’t be a Hard Drive and get crashed!

Rakish and Pug Daddy are shit stains on the CB community. Pug daddy gives him a voice because the last incarnation of RNN didn’t do well. Now on One Stop Rakish is making allegations of “criminal activity” and we have heard that before from Rakish. Meanwhile, over at one stop…….

You keep on believing that Puggy. Tom, You hit the nail right on the head. Rakish is a liar and a shitstain.

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1 thought on “Watching as Rakish pulls many of Pug Daddy’s strings over at One Stop”

  1. There are several rakish accounts running around as trolls that have been memorized and reported. Someone probably has a fake id of him to keep said accounts going facebook dont care about that stuff. As far as believing rakish yeah that a joke. ID thief is possible..

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