What a slow news week.

It really has been very slow. the usual suspects are still around just keeping low profiles. Jokerman continues to wow us with his scams by adopting a BBI stance of “slamming it in the corner” but the difference is that BBI is slamming it in the corner on a Bird meter with a 1kW slug while the Joke of a man uses the 10 watt scale on a high powered radio.

The Fine Tune crowd is keeping a very low profile, only trolling here and there. They sent Highlander, a known Fine Tune troll, to harass Mikes Radio repair on one of his videos. You always know a Fine Tune troll because they attempt to call attention to some minuscule detail and then get their other troll accounts to upvote the comment. Then they edit the comment a half a dozen times. Then you have Rabbi coming out to defend some of Hard Drives hypocrisy as usual on forums. nothing new move along.

Telstar… not even attacking builders. Perhaps like Fine Tune he learned his lesson.

Like I said. Slow.



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