[Updated x2] Fine Tune CB and fake hate, attacks Mikes Radio Repair, Mark19960 and WWDX.. again.

Move over fake news, allow room for.. FAKE HATE!
The video in question below has been up for over 3 months. Around 100 days. It has as of this writing 1,900 views.
It’s getting an average of 19 view a day. NINETEEN VIEWS A DAY. WHO CARES?
I have searched all of the CB forums I know about, Facebook, comments on Youtube, asked around… and nobody even cares about this video.
It’s not embedded on any forums. It’s not listed on any websites. And it has an average of… 19 views a day.

Fake hate.. fake drama…. courtesy of Hard Drive.
Business must be suffering. He needs to get his name out there and rally the minions.

And then we have the comments from his minion RabbiPorkChop.

How can either of them be pulling their hair out or hating over a video that gets NO VIEWS?
If it was being hated on there certainly would be more activity than 19 views a day.
The bench needs a spell checker, by the way. So much for being “tuned”.
And he is mad at the WWDX crew for trolling him. Now they are “the romper room crowd”

This reeks of desperation.

Update: I have sent emails to both Mikes Radio Repair and Mark19960 for comment.
I am waiting for a response and will update the post if I get a response since I do not expect one from either of them.

Update 2:

A reader sends in the image below but also adds the following:

“Not a single one of his videos in the last several years show him doing a two tone test. He saw other techs doing a two tone test in their videos and now thinks he is the only one that can mix two tones and inject them into a radio. He is standing on the shoulders of giants. There is a Mikes Radio Repair video from years ago showing a two tone test. What took him so long? EPIC FAIL.”

If he can bother to edit the post to add useless caps lock and emphasis on words like “AND” then you would think the squiggly red lines under words that signify spelling errors would be readily apparent in both the video “AND” the post.
See, I “CAN” do it too.