Mikes Radio Repair faux April Fools and RabbiPorkChop fumes over it

Mikes Radio Repair buys some expensive gadget and Rabbiporkchop can’t handle it. He of course starts changing the title cards on all of his videos and even makes a really strange video with music with what sounds like Mike in the background. His April fools joke thing after April fools was strange and not very amusing so we did not bother to write about it. Besides, who cares if he buys some gadget? we don’t. Clearly, they care a great deal enough to run around updating hundreds of comments all over YouTube over it.

The blog staff have deliberated over the last several days to see if we even wanted to bother with this because it’s so strange. But, everything that the Fine Tune trolls do borders on the bizarre anyway.

We can’t figure it out. I doubt anyone reading will either. If you want to go look, … go for it. There really is nothing to see.

Where is Anderson Cooper when you need him. Add this to the Ridiculist. Not even going to link to it. When we first got the tip it was over 6 hours old and had two views. No doubt Rabbi himself, and Hard Drive.


3 thoughts on “Mikes Radio Repair faux April Fools and RabbiPorkChop fumes over it”

  1. Haha, he is so damn jealous!
    He could NEVER afford the latest piece of equipment Mike purchased, you see Mark Sherman loves to hide behind his equipment and now he must really be upset that he doesn’t have the “best bench” anymore (as if he ever did, haha).

    That’s what you do when you don’t have any real talent or technical ability, you bash other people who are doing good things.
    If you have no empathy it’s easy to hate seeing others do well, jealousy.
    Your insecurity is showing Hard Drive.

    I love the comments about “Far Less Usable Power” and “Software Jockeys”, I know exactly who he’s talking about!!
    Nothing tricky about asymmetrical modulation, he just loves to think he knows what the hell he is talking about.

    What a jealous non-creative asshole, talking down on a modification because he assumes that the radio will produce less carrier or AVG power; that assumption generally holds true, BUT NOT ALWAYS. And why the hell does he care to comment about “Factory Power Levels” anyway?
    He runs and sells a 100 Watt radio and calls it “barefoot”, regarding 4 Watt radios, I don’t believe his commentary is relevant.

    You wouldn’t compare a vintage Triumph to a modern GSX-R when discussing motorcycles, so why compare apples to oranges when discussing radio?

    That guy working with CAD to design PCB’s must really bother him.
    Calling people “software jockeys” while you’re a lowly “blackbox CB” salesman, priceless.

    How does it feel knowing that digital board design will never serve a purpose in your life, you must feel like you don’t measure up, poor Mark….
    Did that bruise your ego?

    Seeing people living their own life, making progress in things that matter…
    It must really hurt, knowing deep down inside that in order to maintain relevancy (and to survive off selling radios) that you must continuously strive to control the narrative, and stir up drama, leeching off of others sweat, like a filthy parasite……

    Leave people alone, do your own thing.
    Get wise to the times, it’s “peace & love”, not “hate & discontent”.
    The more push, the harder the push back, leave it alone.

    You wouldn’t have to compare yourself to others if you didn’t act so pretentious.
    Those that can, do; and those that can’t…. don’t……
    He can sell you a radio & antenna, but that’s about it… oh yeah “custom coax using special formula”, LOL.

    He just has to be smart enough to fool his unsuspecting target audience, truck drivers.. He’s figured how to do that.
    People with any real technical ability see through his little puppet show.


  2. I only have one question for finestupid and rabidbuttcheek

    Regarding this video

    How the heck does 46volts peak to peak = 12.5 watts
    I mean a 4 watt “normal” CB produces 40V peak – peak
    carrier which = 4 watts, so how the hell does 46Volts peak to
    peak = 12.5 watts?

    Where is Rabidbuttcheek to defend his wife, I think his
    name is FloppyDrive 163.

  3. They’re both right, you know.

    Rabbi butt cheek. Hahahahaha.

    You sir deserve a gold star for the day and a prize from the treasure chest.

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