It’s slow.. but things are lively in the One Stop kangaroo court

And the scene in there is exactly what the subject says. A kangaroo court. The only problem here is that I might be insulting actual kangaroos. Pug wanted a farce and to stir the shit and he got it. His trolling is perfectly legitimate in this case. Do as I say, not as I do.

According to Pug Daddy’s argument “The Rohlings” either individually or collectively should be blacklisted because they were friends with X-Force OR supposedly employed by X-Force. Let’s say I go work at Los Pollos Hermanos sweeping the floor. It’s a front for drugs. I have no idea that my boss Gus is dealing drugs out the back. According to Pug Daddy’s vigilante justice anyone that worked for Los Pollos Hermanos should be thrown in jail, too. Guilt by association! Hypothetically, If it came out that one of Pug Daddy’s associates or friends did some “harm” to one of his love pugs will he discipline himself? He is guilty by association isn’t he? The judge is the jury? I guess Pug thinks he is Paul Kersey?

The REAL blacklist is not without it’s own set of problems but this farce would have been put down in a matter of minutes. And to you naysayers about my perceived bias? If they were doing this to Fine Tune CB, One of his trolls, Telstar, Jokerman… I would be writing the same thing now. They have their issues but guilt by association? No, that’s not the right way. Puggy needs to learn a thing or two.

Here is the faux poll and kangaroo court being run by Pug Daddy:

Let’s take a look at what the “black white” list is supposed to be about. Pay close attention to the RULES and DESCRIPTION of this group, which Pug can clearly break whenever he feels like it anyway. This is supposed to be a “new unbiased” list but I see in the poll the obvious bias to NRO. Pug Daddy has been after his own flock to add “the Rohlings” to their faux list and I say, who cares.


Oh, The bias of Pug Daddy is obvious. And this is why this “black white” list cannot be credible. They don’t like NRO. That is called bias. Pug needs to tel himself whatever he needs to tell himself at the end of the day to feel good about it. It’s okay to dislike someone but if things are reduced to guilt by association we don’t need any blacklists.


Shut this stupid shit down. Pug even has dissent in the ranks already over it:


7 thoughts on “It’s slow.. but things are lively in the One Stop kangaroo court”

  1. I dont feel Ben Rohling or Tina should be on a blacklist but i feel NRO has went lite on xforce and Ben is the leader of NRO. Bias may go both ways.

    1. I don’t think anyone will disagree that NRO treated the X-Force situation differently. They even admitted that.
      When an “unbiased” group is being run by someone with clear bias, it’s not “unbiased” now is it?

  2. I don’t think Ben and Tina should be on any blacklist, though several will disagree with me. I admit, I started following the XForce/Arlyn saga late in the game, but declaring people are “bad” simply because their opinions of said products were great at the time is unfair. That is NOT what the Blacklists should be about. Do your research! Buy local.

  3. You are correct, the REAL Black List would never play childish games like that.
    But it’s the only way puggy can get people to come to his group lol. have they EVER had a real Black List issue?

  4. Chad I respect you posting using your name. As for the real blacklist come on… unless its a group vote on what u say just use your name.

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