One Stop: This is Mark’s blog

And One Stop AKA Pug Daddy jumps on the bandwagon. Of course the one stop troops are spamming the comments right now using other peoples’ names thinking I can’t see what other names they have posted from previously.

My Tip for Mark19960 would be to stop because they will never, ever leave the guy alone. If I create a blog, It’s him. CB Kid? It’s him. Some guy on a forum? It’s him. The quantity of crap I get inboxed with about who is doing what and where, it’s hard to sift thru the bullshit. If it’s critical of some other tech, It’s got to be him, or Mikes Radio Repair, or both collectively.

Now, being in NRO? that’s news. I was told that was the case but I never had proof. I guess you can blacklist him now, Pug. Was he in cahoots with Arlyn and X-Force too? Shit, he called Telstar out on his own page. Calling Telstar out is one of the things he does and I am glad he does it.


I can tell you this. If you ever found out who writes this blog, and it’s not just one person, assholes in the CB community will pucker up real tight. Keep feeding me content boys! It drives the ad revenues!