(UPDATED)SCAM ALERT: Some WWDX members creating mods to rip CBers off.

A Worldwide DX member is conjuring a mod that several people have already pointed out to be snake oil is being planned.

Several members have called it out as snake oil but one member, Handy Andy of CBTricks fame is endorsing the obvious snake oil.
Handy Andy seems to really believe in snake oil and homeopathic remedies for CB radios with design problems.
Some of the responses from him in the thread are comedic. They say he is the same one from CBTricks.
If this is the same guy he knocked a few screws loose with homeopathic remedies and being one with the radio.
It’s like some new age fuckfest over there. I can imagine Enya is playing in the background.

One WWDX member located a GoFundMe page where he calls himself an “Entrepreneur Veteran” and berates the reader for not giving him money.
He then goes on to wallow in self-pity.

When confronted on WWDX, he went into a rage on another member adding to the obviousness of the fraud.
This member clearly knows him as “Capt Shakes” and even outed his next mod, The Galaxy Noise Filter.
I can only imagine what bullshit this so-called mod will be.

Well-Known CB modder and YouTuber Mark19960 was thrown under the bus when a video he did on the stability of the very same radio in question was posted into the thread and immediately attacked by Handy Andy.

Not surprised. This is an ongoing and open thread.
Stay tuned….

Update: The GoFundMe page was removed
I would imagine for fraud. There were mentions of reporting it as such and it would appear they removed it.


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  1. Handy Andy wasn’t the one conjuring up the modification, that would be Capt Shakes, which is a totally different person than Andy. And if you’ll re-read the thread, you’ll see Andy is not endorsing that modification.

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