Fine Tune CB now shattering the space time continuum

In a move that is going to make Telstar Electronics envious Fine Tune CB is going to start installing amps in radios. He has been attacking Lester’s customs and Snake Radio Customs FOR YEARS because they installed amps in radios. The so-called “stingers” as he calls them and as of this writing his videos still have this anti-amplifier jargon in the two propaganda messages he inserts into every video. I guess he forgot to go edit that part out! I am sure he will rectify the error or clarify it to be “hard Drive” specific amplifiers that are “okay” to put in. If he does it then it’s not a “scam”

On top of this amplifier installation you need to pay him a “$100 non-refundable consulting fee”. Other techs that install these amplifiers in the radios charge a ton of money for the pleasure but never a “consulting fee”. I am told a radio with this amplifier added can cost in excess of $1,000. Top that off with a “consulting fee” and you can guess what his price is. At least double. FOR A CB RADIO!

Why would you need to “consult” on installing an amplifier? I guess he thinks of himself as some kind of “consultant” now instead of a guy in a camper in the middle of the desert. A “consultant” – that’s some funny shit right there.

Clearly things are not going well in the Fine Tune camp if he is now installing amplifiers yet bragging about “barefoot” being the way to go. We always knew that “barefoot” was BS with these high powered radios. Now he is going to deliver a radio with a 500+ watt amplifier inside and still call it “barefoot” when he declares himself to be “The factory”.

I guess Lester’s Customs and Snake Radio Customs should have thought of calling themselves the “factory” too. Now that he has his 15 or so customers lining up for one of these radios. I guess he was running out of cash and had to come up with another way to scam his dozen or so customers.

Because, Integrity. Now he needs to run along and take all of the anti-amplifier jargon out of his videos or at least amend it.

WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Both him and #1 troll RabbiPorkChop have been cleaning house on their YouTube channels by deleting certain anti-amplifier videos. Red numbers are deleted videos which also deletes their views. See Below. But Fine Tune and RabbiPorkChop don’t delete videos! 

Cuz, Integrity MAN! They cannot have videos on their YouTube channels that they used to bash amplifiers inside of radios! They have this “new” faux “product line” to launch. Hard Drive might need some new tires for his camper. That $100 “consulting fee” and all….

Oh, and “everyone else” will no doubt be “copying him” when he installs these amplifiers inside of radios now. But it’s “real world” now because he did it. Look on YouTube. This has been done for over a decade by some shops. Less than a year ago Hard Drive decried this as a “scam”. My how times have changed. I guess if he does it then it’s not a “scam”


Fine Tune CB:

Cuz. Integrity. Delete those videos boys!

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22 thoughts on “Fine Tune CB now shattering the space time continuum”

  1. Ugh. Now wait. He is charging $100 to simply find out the specs about this radio? Who does this (him, obviously)? I’ve never heard of such a thing in the radio world. I hate to use the term “cringe-worthy”, but his videos are cringe-worthy. The way he honks the horn twice at the end of talking with someone on the CB radio, lol. His “vaping” too. It looks like you’re smoking a robot penis, Mr. LimpDrive. In another video, he was talking about those super awesome rubberized channel knobs he adds to the Stryker 955. Just look at the RCI-2950, 2970, etc., and order them from any other person than Limpy. Next, he’ll be selling radios with special bejeweled knobs.

  2. He’s late to the party. I’ve already done this to a 955, it’s here in the shop and working. What does he have to wait for? The guy this one belongs to didn’t pay any $100 consultation fee either, walked in and said what he wanted and I delivered. That is how it should go.

    Just another scam/hoax. Like the blog guy says, move along…

    1. Are there any other customers besides Scot and Craig Sez that ever advertise, or even talk about purchasing a radio from Flaccid Tune? Granted, I don’t go out of my way looking for them, but I do look at two or three forums while at work, and it’s pretty much always been RabbiScot. I’ve been trying to figure out the correlation between LoonTune and Scot, but I have no idea what it is. Either it’s family, or a very energetic fan that has swallowed just enough of the “Kool-Aid” to get him hooked.

      1. Don’t know. Could be they’re related, that’s a good guess. Could be that thieves stick together and if you can’t beat them you join them, combined forces equal a greater force.

        But no, ain’t a damn soul on earth have one of “his” radios, just Rabbi and Sherminator. There’s nobody advocating or endorsing him anywhere except Scot and he’s a lone crusader. I’ve seen one radio pop up on Craigslist that was claimed to be a FT radio and once I asked the guy to list it on eBay (so I’d have coverage), it being a FT radio wasn’t mentioned again. It was when it was on CL but not afterwards. Hoax. Scam, word was out I was looking for one (and others) and I believe it was just a trap. But if it was it was only ONE radio over a span of how many years?? I’ve seen Scot swinging off Sherman’s cod hairs since 2013 or so, that’s impressive , you’ve sold one radio in 6 years.

        Lots of koolaid and red pills swallowed over there. They want a massive group to ride the comet with them, the Shermys Comet.

        1. I’ve been thinking about going through the hoops to purchase one of Shermstick’s radios, comparing it to my various radios, and also having my tech. put it on his IFR to see what all the hype is about, but I have a strong feeling it would be a waste of time and even bigger waste of money. There’s a neat looking radio made by the same company called the AT-5555N that’s lower power. I’ve been thinking about getting one of those. It’s only around $150, but not sure what shipping would be. Hopefully our Flaccidly Feathered Fine Tune friend won’t start fiddling with that model.

  3. Thats an interesting point: He always claims he has a lot to do..( loooooooat to do…muharharhar..follow directions or feel the boot). Let us take a simple math: He is so busy, that he can manage to sell 3 radios a week…woth a shit in business terms, but ok. Thats aprox. 150 radios per year. He claims that he does it for decades…. So lets take the last 10 years, that 1500 pcs. of junk. Did somebody ever..EVER seen on of his famous radios on CL or ebay? Well, he would say he is so good that nobody want to give them away…Normal people with no desert burned brain will say a) there is no such thing because they never were sold, or b) the radios were so shitty that every single fine tune puke ist dead as a horse arse soon after buying. Think about it: If it is so difficut to get a new on, and they are sooooo perfect, the prices for used Sherman china CB went to sky..and everybody would make auctions titled with “Rare SUPER FINE TUNED Sherman Special” , buy-it-now 1500.- USD… The desert boy with the cheapo surplus cellphone tester is a loooooonely ranting cheater with a nice dog. Click, Click, you know who is knocking on the 200$ scope 😉

    1. I won’t knock his equipment, some of it I have myself. Even if it’s not dead-on, it’s still enough to get him very close and with these radios we’re talking about that’s good enough. But this guy and his dawg Scotty wants to compare them to real amateur radios, I just don’t agree that they’re as good or can be made to be as good.

      The bigger thing here is his ability (or lack of) to repair a radio. He makes videos knocking true repair techs when he can’t repair one himself.

      You’ve made an excellent point however, that many radios, somebody would have sold one by now. Somebody would have stepped forward and claimed one and told their story, many would as a matter of fact. But we have yet to see it and that’s because it’s like someone owning a unicorn – you can’t own what doesn’t exist. I’ve got a leprechaun but can’t make him talk, anybody want to buy him? You can’t see him cause he’s invisible but I promise you he’s in this glass cage.

  4. I dont say he uses bad equipment, that is not my point. It is just nothing special today. But for those who do not know he declares some older units as “the bench”, and he acts like that is a super setup that nobody can beat. I own myself old 60´s, 70´s 80´s and todays equipment. HP, Agilent, Rohde & Schwarz. Some TEK, some Rigol. There is nothing wrong with it, but i do not call other tecs “mediocre” when it comes to their equipment. He owns old surplus worth aprox. 1500 USD. That is ok, but NOT “The bench”. He posts below every video twohundred pages with datasheets to every screwdriver or WD40 cans he owns…Why? Just to gain the cheer from some poor fanboys or people who are new in CB. That is misleaing shit.

    1. Oh absolutely, I understood what you were saying and I agree 100%. Yes sir, he’s sitting with subpar equipment and criticizing other techs with more knowledge, customers, stock and better equipment. It’s ludicrous to say the least.

      But he says if they don’t show it, which he doesn’t either, then you’re being ripped off. Show what exactly? How they repair or tune?? He does neither.

      I guess Mike will have to step up his game and start listing all that stuff too, down to the calibration on his ceramic drivers. Haha. Mike might be “Romper room” but Sherman is captain kangaroo, which ended about 10 years before Romper room did. Romper room started in 1953, kangaroo started in 1955.

      And Mike, like romper room, started before and will end after Shermgaroo.

  5. Lol, you hit the nail. Yeah, Mr. Aliexpress Sherman, known as “Stay tuned in, the next vid will be more shitty as this one”, has nothing to show, nothing to say, but a lot to talk about nothing. People are forced to “follow directions”…Nobody knows what that means, but Rabbi is paying attention…to what? He has hundreds of videos, and there is NOTHING. No tips,no hints, no help. “Look at that scope”…to see what? Wrong scales and zooms? “Look at bad spectrum” …”oh ok, not that bad…” Look at my barefoot radio…Just 100 watts output…but barefoot… alternative facts… fresh from the barefoot mobile Trump tower.

    1. Do t forget the terrible camera angles, the sideways shots that you have to rotate your head to the side to even see. And sometimes it appears he has Michael J. Fox holding the damn camera, it’s shaking so bad you can’t make it out and get dizzy.

      It’s all a hoax, a big joke just trying to be a troll. Sherman, Rabbi and their gang are definitely bad, they do some common and evil stuff.

  6. This (Flaccid) Fine (Lune) Tune guy is such a bully that he has videos talking about his special calculations to make sure coax jumpers are “right” and just the exact (special/hidden) length, but he doesn’t explain why his calculation is so special, just that you can’t find it on the internet..

    I’ll take a guess and say he did some calculation and instead of rounding off to the most significant digit he just continued with what the calculator screen showed, the entire string…

    Ooph, muh speshull coax jumpers, “That’ll be $75″… What a dueche bag, how about this asshole (163) how about you stop gatekeeping the community with “alternative facts”.
    Pay attention to Deez Nuts!

  7. To be clear this is not a stab at “GateKeeper”
    I mean to say “Gatekeeping” as in: “the activity of controlling, and usually limiting, general access to something.”

    I’ve NEVER had a problem running China made 3 foot coax jumpers…
    Or one that I put together myself..

    It’s kind of hard to obtain this special sought-after cable he’s trying to sell, the idea that his cable is special is a fallacy and he will charge a bunch of money to anybody who falls victim for his hustle.

    That’s definitely gatekeeping in its purest form..
    Again, “pay attention to Deez Nuts”.

  8. That’s hilarious!!

    His special tuned coax can be nothing more than coax cut to length by velocity factor. And that’s trivial at best, the average guy and average installation would see no benefit of such. It damn sure isn’t worth what he charges for such and his scope tuned statement is just smoke and mirrors to the unknowing.

    Flaccid Lune, hahahahaha. That’s funny.

  9. In fact, there is no such thing like “special coax lenght” in 50 Ohm coax systems. Hell, may some older tecs remember the time, when there were some guidlines that explain how to use 60 or 75 Ohm cables from TV installations? Back in these days 50 Ohm was not common for civil people, it was rare and expensive. Instead of using oldschool balanced latter line it was common to use 75 tv coax, and then you could deal with transformer lenghts etc. Today, in common car antenna systems or at home with your 50 Ohm stick on the roof it is worth a shit to think about cable lenghts when it comes to mismatches. Keep it as short as possible because of the loss, an use a high quality 50 ohm coax. Even RG58 is never the same…If you buy cheap china quality with some spider hair instead of good meshed copper you are screwed. You even get screwed and betrayed when you buy Mr. Shermans fine voodoo atomic tuned coax. I guess next week he claims every single cable was made under water, hand soldered by blind nuns with golden bra. Then every cable is burned in with 2000w for 20mins, hand handpolished with gravy from boiled desert snakes……

  10. Hahahahaha damn it boy!!! Underwater soldering by nuns in golden bras, don’t give him any ideas.

    While what you say is true, we’re all fakes and scam artist because we don’t “show it”, like he does huh? It’ll be a “tap tap” festival for 38 minutes and 27 seconds of how great his coax is, like everything else.

    Kinda like his campaign of how quiet his radios are from his tunes but he fails to mention one important thing. That being where he’s at, out miles away from man made noise, I guess his receiver IS quiet. He’s how many miles away from the VLA and it’s out there why?

    He’s comical. Him and RabbiScot remind me of the old Bug Bunny cartoon of the big dog and the little dog. The little runs around the big one asking what they’re gonna and who is gonna get it. The big one smacks him and tells him to shut up. In the end, I do believe Bugs triumphs over them both. Watch out for Bugs.

  11. At work watching Murk’s latest video of him messing with a 655HP. He said something like “everybody and their mother is trying to copy me.” Sigh…no, “Fine Tune”, we really aren’t. I’m thinking we should all get together and have a drinking game. Every time he goes “tap tap”, take a shot. “Pay attention”, take a shot. “Click click”, take a shot. Talks about “mofo”, take a shot. I guess I’ll shut up about Fine Tune and go watch some Jokerman videos. But anyway, I hope you all have a good weekend.

    1. He claims to be giving the manufacturers ideas.
      They are the ones that built the radio with the amp inside that he is taking apart to put on another radio to start with.
      But he is giving them ideas and he is being copied.
      I have a bridge to sell.

      Cuz, Integrity.

  12. Like he says: “You let it ring—I make “Ka-Ching” !

    FTCB :
    Follow my directions, buy my shit or get my boot, dirty bastard of a customer!
    My directions:
    First: Buy my “Fuck-tuned coax line, handmade and mouthsoldered by three blind nuns with golden bra underwater”.

    Second: Buy my special voodoo CB. Fuck-tuned by myself. I pull some parts that work fine, stick some parts in that work like the originals, set resistors and capacitors in the audiopath that a real tec wrote down for me on a cheatsheet and TADAA: Soon after you pay me 600 bucks you will get your radio. Maybe. Some month a normal. Maybe. Maybe i won´t sell you a radio. Because i dont like you. Or i am on the period. Lets see. Bastard.

    Third: Get the fuck out of my life. Or pay me at least some big bucks that i get in touch by phone. But wait…no. I hate customers. Piss off!

    PS: Scott, you fucking moron if you read this: Make some new bully vids for daddy. Or you get the boot. Bastard.

  13. I actually kinda like the dog, Mofo but why would he name his dog that? Why would you call your best friend an MF’er? The dog is the best part of the videos, the few I’ve watched any way. I can’t handle all the BS of pay attention and how he slams everyone else in this business but himself. He might could actually be helpful to someone but he chooses to be a troll . I don’t believe he sells radios, I’ve said that already, I think it’s a big fat hoax.

    All the people who’ve complained about Rangers and many other brands and he’s gonna be the one to finally make them change? Hahahaha. Ok. Awesome, can’t wait to see that.

  14. The dog is a good guy, no doubt…! As i wrote in the other thread: He has a big, fat, huge problem with his self confidence. You find that very often in the real world: If somebody rants about the stupidity of other guys, he wants himself placed on the top of the chart.
    A man with self confidence does not look to other, he is proud of his OWN work, and good quality sells without acting like a fool on vids.
    But instead of showing true skills, giving some good advice and show some real useful things on his vids he is shitting people. So no pride? No skills? No self confidence? Or maybe as you said: Just a big fat hoax.

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