Fine Tune CB attacks Mikes Radio Repair, drags Snake Radio Customs into it

As usual the tactics of Hard Drive and his trolls is to attack someone and drag yet someone else into it. We know that Hard Drive has disdain for Snake Radio customs especially after he started doing Stryker radios. The number of references to and attacks on him is accelerating. Coming soon… videos on their channels!

Here we have his favorite troll and “friend” RabbiPorkChop making his daily or hourly comment to a Hard Drive video. He takes the time to attack Mikes Radio repair because after all, what good are any of his videos if they are not used to attack someone else? It’s always the same people! Why? Because they feel intimidated and threatened by them!

He throws Snake Radio Customs under the bus while attacking Mikes Radio Repair. After all, this is all amusing to him. To add insult to injury he “loves” his own comments. Meanwhile one of his trolls comes out with a quip about not having competitors. because Snake Radio Customs tuning a receiver is “lol” worthy.

I noticed that they LOVE, absolutely LOVE! to copy the blog. When I wrote an article almost a year ago and referenced the Dunning-Kruger effect… guess what they use now? And below.. “exposing the underbelly” is directly from the blog. Cuz, they gotz “integrity”.

Take a look at the posting below where he uses bullet points (improperly I might add) and the first one is “no contact” but we see that this person contacted him, gave him his phone number AND his email address. He took the time to edit the picture to erase the information! Or is he just mad because he went to Snake Radio Customs first? Gee whizz. Following Hard Drives INSANE rules and you still can’t get in the door. This looks more and more like a sham every day. It’s been heavily discussed in the comments and the speculation is that this is all a hoax. There must be no Fine Tune CB. I have emails from more than a few people that have used several different people to contact him per his rules that were either completely ignored or got asked invasive questions just to be ignored later. It’s been nearly a year and I think the number of people that I have heard from being ignored by Fine Tune CB is at least 75 if not more. If that many people took the time to contact the blog, the number is a great deal higher. Of course, there is no legitimate business called Fine Tune CB in the 50 states. We have checked. That alone should explain everything.

Yeah, there is the integrity of Fine Tune. Let’s attack Mikes Radio Repair and Snake Radio Customs at the same time!

Cuz, we have da integritiez!

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21 thoughts on “Fine Tune CB attacks Mikes Radio Repair, drags Snake Radio Customs into it”

  1. Oh boy, two funny assholes like Scotti and Shermi can make my day..;-) WhileScotti´s job is just to be present to lick Shermi´s nose and wait to get the order to produce stupid YT hate vids. Shermi himself prays everyday to his lord, that he might get a quarter of the knowledge in his hole life that Mike forgot over the years HAHAHA.
    Newest trash vid: Marc Fartface shows how to check polarity while spattering spazzing around with his nose hair tweezers until he finally manages to get contact. Priceless….No, wait…Hopeless…Better: Worthless. He really makes a bad quality video oft poking with a DMM and believe its worth airing? Thats the kind of vids we always wanted. Send them right to Guantanamo. Waterbording is for kiddies..

    It is a shame for them that he had some real good guys in his YT list, like Paul, Dave or W2. Can´t imagine that one single person wants to show up in his channel list. Real techs, real polite and skilled persons. No desert scammer.

  2. If they had any human decency left at all they wouldn’t carry on like this, but I’m betting that neurotoxic methamphetamine has ruined both of their minds, that along with the desert heat!

    Only the most narcissistic and morally corrupt people can carry on like they do!
    Because VaporWare is what Lune-Tune sells, you drink his kool-aid and pay $1000 for an almost completely stock radio with an alignment or you get nothing; remember “tire kickers get the boot”, you have to be stupid enough to win the prize of actually being able to buy a radio from him.

    He has a rigid vetting process, if you’re too smart or ask too many questions, or don’t answer correctly, you get booted. He filters out all but the dumbest of people, that’s why no one can seemingly get a hold of a radio from him..

    People are asking question now, and he doesn’t like that.
    Poor tweeker, go twist that golden screwdriver some more while you suck on your pipe.
    Lune-Tune is a buffoon, & Scot Johnson can lick my chocolate starfish.

  3. We can’t even find the dumbest of people that managed to get a FT radio, they don’t exist either. If it was as figured, there’d be a pile of those things floating around out there someone would step forward with one. That hasn’t happened and if it did now, it’d be a hoax too.

    Hoax. It’s all a hoax. There should be hundreds of people out there with a FT radio by now and they’d be rushing to defend him and promoting him. But we only have one little lone cowboy riding the airwaves shooting is Red Ryder at foes in the name of Sherman, Rabbi.

    And those idiots attack Mike? Mike could take half his brain out and throw it in the trash and still be a much greater radio tech than Sherman. Same goes for Mark19960 (and he’s not a radio tech), hell even Bob who Rabbi really hates is a better tech than Sherman.

  4. Mike is one of the best YT and REAL tecs. Calm, polite and open minded technican that likes his job with heart and soul. He loves every single piece of equipment he has, and he has a lot radios..sometimes i think he lives in an old JCPenny warehouse 😉 At least not in a RV! Bob has a good reputation, too.
    Crookie Sherman ..yes..i start to believe, that it is a great hoax, like you said. Nobody in the real world can produce so much pure brown shit and call it a business. Its all about fraud, hoax, dirty old man and cheerleadergirls like Scotty “i drive a rusty F150 for living but call it truck” Johnson.

    1. Mike really needs to fight back.
      They have eased off Mark19960 a little bit. It might have something to do with him openly challenging them.
      Mark and Mike are still the axis of evil according to Hard Drive. They are what he calls the “romper room”.

      Do not forget about Bell’s CB. Right now that’s a second front that Hard Drive has opened up.
      His trolls are attacking every video that Bell’s puts up in comments and in downvotes.
      It might have something to do with a 30 page threadnaught on Truckers Report where RabbiPorkChop showed everyone just how much he himself fits the bill for the Dunning-Kruger SYNDROME effect.

  5. In fact, Mike should do nothing but go on like usuall. That is fighting back “gentleman style”. He shrinks those desert idiots to cockroaches. He just does good work, he explains and shows everything to everybody. No stupid shit, just from basic to the special. He spreads his humor, his skills and shares it with the YT world. The FTCB moron is a clown everybody laughs about. I fact there are CB rounds that meet on channel to laugh together about the newest shit on his channel. How deep can one man fall…. Harddrive with the limp knife… Take viagra and get a life.
    And Scotty, please don´t take Viagra. Please do not spread your DNA. Thank you.

    1. With respect I think you assume that RabbiPorkChop and Hard Drive are playing with an honorable set of rules.
      They shredded any decency years ago. You can only fight “gentleman style” with another “gentleman” and neither qualify.
      This isn’t a duel where both sides have a sword or a pistol and a level playing field and it’s down to skill.
      They are fighting a war with threats and intimidation and in some cases they have carried out those threats.
      Several of his trolls are felons with weapons charges and jail time under their belts.

      You cannot fight honorably with people that have none. These people will attack you and your family. There are no boundaries.

  6. Scotty has kids if I remember correctly. That’s what really makes him a scumbag, he has taken pics of other people’s kids and shopped genitalia into their mouths. Him & Sherman are two low life muthas, it takes a special kind of shit to do such to children.

    If they want to attack someone then that’s fine I guess, long as they’re adults and in the CB business. But their spouses and/or their children? No. Their family should off limits, have a little respect for nobody but yourself at the least and they have none.

    If Mofo could talk, he might be willing to sell the Hard Drive 163 secret recipe just like the Bushes dog was gonna do. After all, isn’t this about money (or his lack of)?

  7. “Several of his trolls are felons with weapons charges and jail time under their belts.”
    I guess he FOR SURE has one felon with jail time and weapons charges under his belt AGAINST him, that would be me.. I screwed up long ago, I learn form my mistakes though..

    I have morals, and I know manipulation when I see it, I guess I was blessed enough to recognize the behavior patterns that got me into trouble in the first place, if only FTCB could do the same. Then he could work on rehabilitating himself like I did. When you’re delusional it’s hard to realize you have a problem, so I guess I cannot blame him too much (he is mentally ill after all, LOL).

  8. Let’s get one thing clear right now, YOU DON’T FUCK WITH A MAN’S FAMILY.

    Felon, ex-felon, or piss-ant, family is off limits.
    Even the most brain-dead unscrupulous piece of shit should understand that, apparently some cock suckers still need a lesson from the School of Hard Knocks.

  9. Well they’ve fucked with a lot of guys family. Real works of art, they are.

    Sooner or later somebody will lash back at them, the real techs and men won’t continue to take this sitting down and being silent.

    Congrats to you Presidential for getting it together, everyone deserves a second chance. These assholes, maybe they’re the exception to the rule on that.

  10. I am shocked to read about this new informations… I don´t know what to say. That is really no game anymore, no YT battle, thats dangerous. So mabe you are right. That should be watched by authorities. Ranting is ok, play bully is not funy, but there is no excuse for brutal force or hunting family. Once again: i am shocked to hear that!

  11. Well as they say “pay attention”. I believe something about it was posted here on this blog, one person that comes to mind was Allen Ward, I believe. There’s others but I’m not mentioning names, those folks can step forward if they want to. Then there’s the people they’ve called pedo’s, seems like projecting to me.

    And don’t be fooled and think it’s just those two, they have a few more working with them. The more you read, the more you’ll learn about this guy and his sidekick. Neither of them are trying to help anyone but themselves and they’re doing a fine job of it.

  12. So what to do? Lawyer? Police, or if federal laws are touched, Feds?
    The bitter truth is, if some of those guys get caught, the will soon realize, that daddy will not stand by them. He hides in his RV for years, and will soon move on.
    There certainly was a point in this mans life, that kicks him out of balance. Maybe a death of someone beloved, or some partner left him alone? Or his childhood hunts him? Maybe meds or drinking? I do not know, your guess is as good as mine. I think he lost his orientations, and this CB thing maybe is his last straw. He travels around the hole States for years, he hacks radios the old truckstop style including noise toys on some parking lots, i read some boys recognize him well that he was sent away from parking lots because of trouble with the shops there. Alway on the run, lonely beside his dogs (that i believe he really loves them and cries rivers if they fade). No, no Freud today… Its sems to be obvious that he is on the run…tries to escape from his demons. No human beeing with such a social behaviour feels good inside. He must heal from inside his soul, he needs a lot of love and selfconfidence, the real one, not this YT mouthing..

    1. All that they have done so far is doctored images of the techs in question, their kids or wives.
      They use troll accounts and tracking those back is nearly impossible.

      I have not seen them break any federal laws.
      Nothing can be done until they cross the threshold. They stay right on the other side of it.

  13. Yup, the blog is right. They hide behind fake names, use proxies and whatever other means they can to attempt to stay anonymous. Until they do flub up, there’s not much that be done, legally. This is where a good old fashioned ass whipping comes into play, beat’um like you own’um.

    Again though, it’s a hoax, a troll. They “want” to run everyone else out of business but yet he doesn’t sell a single radio. He’s not trying to do this for his financial gain, he’s doing it to hurt everyone else’s finances and then sit back and laugh. If he was really in business then he’d be selling radios publicly, either easily in his FB page or a website or eBay even. I’m damn near convinced of this, it’s all a big scam.

  14. Oh, you can easiliy get in touch with fedral law, especially when doing things with communication networks (internet, phone, mail etc) or by stalking or harassing over state borders (especially when driving a truck ;.)…sometimes you will be surprised how low the barriers for lawful interception can get.. and the thing with children and manipulated photos? Oh..oh.. And the statements of burning road flares aka FQP´s…Oh..oh..
    Some states have very interesting internet laws, e.g. California.

  15. You know how on the “Fine Tune” videos, he says something like “Those who know it, show it.”? Has he ever shown a video of at least one time these multitudes of good for nothing FQP13N10s have gone “poof”? I would like to see that.

  16. No he hasn’t because they haven’t, haha. But you’re right, he preaches about showing it and showing it all. He claims he does but what little he does show is through crappy camera angles.

    Thinking about ole floppy drive, his last handful of videos he openly expresses his love for that dog. Poor fella, loves the dog more than he does himself. If something happens to Mofo we probably won’t see any more videos out of him. He’ll spiral into an abyss and the only video we’ll see is the ones Rabbi posts of 163 laying drunk in a gutter. Every one ending in Rabbi shedding a tear like Iron Eyes Cody.

  17. It is so sad to see that he wraps his self in teflon.
    Let nobody in his life, has no good word for other people and refuses any friendship or kindness. He must be hurt seriously. I am not sarcastic or making fun of it. He just do not see the colours of life anymore, he has no clue where he could be or what he could achieve if he just could get his feet back on the earth. His mind is the limiting factor in his game of life.
    The lonely rider thing was never a sucessfull way of living..

  18. Mark AKA likes a hard drive from his boyfriend is such a tool. I wouldn’t let him work on any of my radios

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