Fine Tune CB: It’s not my trolls downvoting, It’s Mikes Radio Repair!

Once again, one of the Fine Tune trolls or Hard Drive himself bought downvotes for one of his videos. And once again he acts naive when it comes to the functioning of a troll network. In his defence he may not know and that’s because he may leave the operations of the troll network to his lead troll RabbiPorkChop. When a troll network operates they downvote more than one video.  they don’t just pick one video to do it on. And no troll network is bigger than a dozen or two as it is. Anything more than that is purchased. It’s too hard to change accounts just to downvote a single video. That’s why the network hits videos as a block and almost always the newest videos. Yet the only video affected is this one? This is smelling a little rough. Also the number is in the multiples of 25 again. He bought 50 dislikes. It’s that simple. Downvotes cost dollars. As in single dollars. Like 5 dollars. It’s CHEAP! We can tank Rabbi for showing us how much he paid for it.


SEE ANYTHING WRONG? We can see when they buy video views and subscribers! And, we can see when you delete or edit videos! That’s what the RED NUMBERS are! Those BIG NUMBER JUMPS are called STATISTICAL OUTLIERS, and he has a great deal of them. One or two can be explained. He has in excess of 30. That means manipulation. Just butthurt that BBI is more popular. That’s when he bought the last 500+ subscribers to get even with BBI. He read the blog, got ass rash, and bought subscribers.

But I digress. We caught RabbiPorkChop buying fake dislikes for one of his videos last year to try to rally troops against others. It did not work then and it’s not likely to work this time either. Let’s take a walk down memory lane….

RabbiPorkChop buys fake dislikes to create sympathy for Fine Tune CB [with proof]

We have been down this road before but now that some time has gone by they think everyone has forgotten. We have not.

We can’t wait to see what will “come later” in this comment. Another attack on “the romper room”? So predictable. We already know what’s coming. I will start to write the article now and fill in the blanks later with “much more”.

Cuz, Integrity.

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6 thoughts on “Fine Tune CB: It’s not my trolls downvoting, It’s Mikes Radio Repair!”

  1. Don’t worry Floppy Drive 163, it isn’t me.
    No it’s not Mike’s Radio Repair nor is it “Romper Room”.
    Don’t worry I’ll show you love, you’re going to eat your words, “DON’T TRUST A CHANNEL THAT HIDES RATINGS”! (two way street)
    Bitch, haha you dumb fuck ahahaha. . You’re going to regret what you posted.

    I have your baby in my cradle (your channel) and I’m inching towards the pier with it. Hey fuck face, don’t weave webs if you don’t want to have to crawl out of one yourself. Your playbook is all out of chapters by now.
    The only thing left for you to do will be to cry yourself to sleep once your channel goes to rubble.

    You picked the wrong community to raze to the ground.
    Your YouTube manipulation is going to cost you, everything. (your channel)

  2. Hearts for everybody, no dissenting viewpoint or criticism.
    That comment section is so genuine, yeah hell no.
    Have fun playing YouTube keyboard warrior.
    Your pathetic existence is tied directly to YouTube.
    You spend all your time on YouTube crafting a narrative.
    (an easily shattered one)
    I’m going to start giving hearts to my own comments, oh wait no I won’t because I’m not a pretentious piece of shit like Hard Drive 163 is.
    Get a life you no good snot lickin’ desert troll, you too Scot Johnson.

    Hey I’ve got a great big ol’ johnson, you guys can entertain me after you get done with each other, Hard Drive might have to take out his dentures first though…

  3. Don’t worry 163, nothing is going to happen.
    You won the internet, congrats.
    Keep on with it, I rage post all I want, don’t you have some radios to sell, oops I mean vaporware.

    What’s funny is whenYouTube desides to remove the dislike button, your little scam goes away!!
    Until then keep spending those sheckles.
    God it has got to be expensive to be that stupid.
    Keep paying for those likes and dislikes.

    I’d rather have 50 honest subscribers than 10,000 fake ones. Fucking loser, LOL.

    best regards ;(

  4. Might have to take out his dentures first!

    Hahahahaha omg.

    Ruthless. Haha.

  5. I was looking at the comments of several of FTCB’s videos to see how many negative comments are there, but I had a difficult time finding any. Seems rather dishonest removing certain comments. Now, I did see a comment where someone asked about his traceable NIST certification thingy, but it has since been removed. I’m guessing that made him uncomfortable?

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