Fine Tune CB: Mikes Radio Repair “snowflakes” are attacking me

Fine Tune continues to cry foul as his “friend” RabbiPorkChop buys dislikes to blame Mikes Radio Repair. He is whining about dislikes on the same video that we reported about on the blog in early December of last year. Same.Exact.Video. Hard Drive and friends have completely run out of ideas and are now desperate and have resorted to recycling fake news and regurgitate the “fake hate” campaign. But the snowflakes! says the guy that deletes negative comments or any comment that does not sing songs to praise him. And it’s the same people over and over again. It’s not even new people. That’s a snowflake. He should fire his publicist. It’s not working out too well is it?

But, alas, the person wielding the “snowflake” epithet is the snowflake. Who else takes to Facebook to bitch, whine, and complain? Snowflakes do.

Now, he is calling it “fake news” which is amusing since the original article written 6 months ago called this exact thing “fake news”.  That desert heat must be getting to him. By the way “We Don’t Write Sentences This Way But He Would Not Know That With A $14 Mail Order Education” And Use Quotes Around Sentences Unless They Are A “QUOTE”. Grade School. “GO” Get some.

Yep. this is old and fake news. Protip Hard Drive: Search the blog. We already wrote about it.

[Updated x2] Fine Tune CB and fake hate, attacks Mikes Radio Repair, Mark19960 and WWDX.. again.


Cuz, Integrity. I guess that’s why some people end up in the desert alone and miserable. “But We Got The Quotes !”

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7 thoughts on “Fine Tune CB: Mikes Radio Repair “snowflakes” are attacking me”

  1. What is Mark’s (FTCB) problem with Mike? I’ve watched a lot of Mike’s videos, and he seems to know his stuff. He seems like a nice guy, and doesn’t bash anyone. However, Fine Tune CB always seems like he has an itchy hemorrhoid tucked up juuust far up enough in his rectum that he cannot scratch that itch, or soothe that pain, so he conveys that in his videos. Condescending to some extent.

    1. I guess it is a personal thing…Mike has a lot of viewers all over the world, including techs, that are very good and reputable. He has contacts in the community even in Europe ans Down Under, he is well known in the scene. Mike made a huge mistake some time ago: He explained how to deal with S-Meters, S9, international standarts and he shows the background of voltages in terminated vs. unterminated systems. He did not name the idiot from the desert, but everybody knowed that Mike talked about FTCB shitty crap videos and his brainfree tech skills. Mike was very polite, and he put a lot of work in a series of videos just to explain all…That was the point when Shermi went total nuts.

      1. The s-meter thing has nothing to do with why they are attacking him.
        It’s a lot more complicated than a set of videos.
        The attacks on Mike started long before those videos came into existence.

        It’s not that simple.

        1. So maybe you can tell a bit more? I just recognized a gain since the S-Meter vids..

          1. One thing I have discovered about this blog is that the amount of dirt that everyone has on everyone else is astonishing.
            And most people will provide it with a certain amount of anonymity.

            The story behind this that we have put together is from a series of facts that happen to fit.
            To throw a bone to the crazy conspiracy theorists like Fine Tune and RabbiPorkChop, this was an actual conspiracy.

  2. Because Mike is a real radio tech and repair guy. He has new or at the least newer equipment than Sherman, he has actual real relationships with manufacturers and even does warranty repair. Things Sherman can’t do and can’t get, obviously.

    Mike doesn’t do those things because he is a legit businessman, not a wannabe hack and has nothing to prove. He has class and integrity, real integrity. Most importantly he’s not a troll. He also offers a legitimate service that isn’t a hoax with the intent of simply ruining people’s business. That’s all Sherman is doing, selling a hoax and hoping to shut everyone else down just for the lulz.

    Everyone reading this blog should make Hard Drives dreams come true of thumbs down and give him legit ones, save him and Porky some cash. Or save them both time from thumbing down their own videos, switching accounts is a bitch.

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