Telstar Electronics fabrications: They are trying to steal my design!

Telstar is whining that “the builders” are stealing his design. Well, that’s not the case but he certainly would lead you to believe that. any day of the week he wants and practically begs “the builders” to adopt his way of doing things UNLESS….. someone is trying to sell one of those plastic amplifiers he made? Except this one is not plastic! Who would have guessed that Telstar made a METAL amplifier? What this shows us is the devolution of his amplifiers and from what we have seen and been told, were not great to start with. Just stick to your satellite installs man. We need to finish Game Of Thrones. Keep your day job.



It’s for sale? I thought this was stolen?

Hey dipshit? They would not be SELLING it if they wanted the design, now would they? A metal Telstar amplifier is rare. That’s undeniable.


By the way, I have several Telstar Electronics articles in the works because we have to ignore Fine Tune or his endorsed peon Jokerman Electronics. This is not the “Fine Tune” blog and by now we all know the guy is completely insane. If you have not made that determination then you need to start at page 1 and start reading.


2 thoughts on “Telstar Electronics fabrications: They are trying to steal my design!”

  1. If someone was trying to steal the design, they would have years ago. Seems like you could just take the circuit board out and send it to one of the PCB manufacturing companies out there and they would have no problem copying it, at least not one of the Chinese companies, lol. I never knew he made one in an aluminum case, though.

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