Fine Tune CB and RabbiPorkChop: We harass the wife of Mark19960 because of Mikes Radio Repair

These people cannot and I mean absolutely cannot get any lower. Because Mark19960 has some “relationship” with Mikes Radio Repair his wife must endure harassment? Are these people serious? Are they that hell bent on Mikes Radio Repair that innocent people must be targeted? There are absolutely no words to describe this. It’s atrocious, unethical, and immoral.

But they talk about INTEGRITY! The guys WIFE? That’s INTEGRITY man!

People without integrity talking about integrity. Isn’t that something else. This is what you get when you send these people money.

The Blog. With integrity. We don’t post the shit that people send us of their wives and children. But they certainly don’t have a problem with that.


5 thoughts on “Fine Tune CB and RabbiPorkChop: We harass the wife of Mark19960 because of Mikes Radio Repair”

  1. Those two assholes primary goal is full of hopes to to get Mike to shut the doors and quit. Won’t happen. They’re just pissed off because his wife has more radio knowledge than they do, combined.

    Here’s an idea, everyone reading this blog, go thumb down as many of Fine Tunes YouTube videos as you can stand to do. Leave a comment on each and every one saying “you’re welcome, from Romper Room”.

    Mike doesn’t pay anyone or have anyone thumbing down Sherman’s shit, Mark19960 doesn’t either, it’s all Sherman & Co. doing it and passing the blame. But me, I’m publicly asking each and every one of you to thumb down as many as you feel like doing for the cause.

    Also post this blog to your social media site of choice, I’d appreciate it, Romper Room would appreciate it and I believe the guy that owns this blog would appreciate the exposure as well. Tell your friends and neighbor about the assholes you’ve been reading about.

  2. Sometimes i have the feeling that Shermi and his poopheads created a new trademark for good service, knowledge and fine tuned behaviour 😉 ROMPER ROOM ! It simple means: If you can follow directions, take a short cut to Mike, instead of being ripped off and betrayed by the “homeless” Marc Sherman, that tries to get some bucks for his RV he is living in.
    He sure has no Romper Room, because there is no space left between old cans, dog foot and his smelly chemical toilet. Yeah, that guy, that throw your high priced CB parcel in the dirt in front of his RV while waiting for UPS. You can find that in his timeline. Ugly boy.

  3. He probably doesn’t live in that RV but he might, I don’t know. He just enjoys trolling, him and Scot both. Kinda sad, everywhere Scotty goes he gets his ass handed to him. He then turns to an attempt at being a smart ass and trying to insult someone but his ass is still in his hands. Sad little truck driver.

    He does call his daddy Sherman and ask him what to say though. The new pigeon pooping thing is hilarious, exactly what he does when his ass is handed to him. He shits all over the board and tries to be a smart ass and continues on. Ironic.

  4. Everybody who is more than 2 days in those forums see what kind of brainfart Scott is. He is fishing for newbies, because he is in trouble with everybody thats more than 2 days online. I personally can not understand why the admins do not simple show him the door. They run great forums, there is no need to feed the trolls;-)

    It is spreading more and more: People do not trust a single word from Mark Sherman and his low level “Fine Tune CB “Shop”.
    There is onl a good thing: A very huge lot of people now ask for real techs, looking for the long time runners and good known tech shops in the US. And this idiot helps a lot to find them! The more he rant about other techs, the more people know where to go: Bob´s , Mike´s, Bell´s, your guess is as good as mine.

    A quick look on every single CB shop blacklist all over the Internet will just make it clear:They all say: ” Do not trust the scammer Marc Sherman and his Fine Tune CB Shop.” That, dear Shermi, is the REAL WORLD.”

  5. I’ve said it before, say it again, he has no customers cause he sells no radios. Scam! There’s way too many people saying they couldn’t get a radio than saying they have, I have yet to hear from one person.

    He doesn’t show anything but preaches show it. His boy posts videos of “fine tunes” getting walked all over. Scotty even tells people to just buy a stock radio, he’s indirectly turning people away too. Should change the name to Epic Fail CB Shop, I like Looney Tune though, saw that somewhere else and it’s funny as hell.

    The only people promoting Sherman are the same ones who are members of his koolaid cult and circle jerk parties.

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