Fine Tune backlog: does damage control by blaming Mikes Radio Repair

Get ready to wear your tinfoil hats because you will need them. We have known for a long time that Fine Tune and associates have many troll accounts. Some of these names are known to us and some of them we have seen in passing not realizing that they were troll accounts. Some of the names are mailed into the blog and we put them on a list. Sometimes we scan the list and miss the names and this is one of those cases.

What is Fine Tune doing damage control on? See the TLDR at the end but you need to keep reading. Wear tin foil!

One of the names we were made aware of around a month ago. We never spotted the name but we were made aware of its existence because Hard Drive likes to toot his own horn and belittle other shops on the phone when he is talking to some of these “customers” of his. He is one of his own biggest leaks and we have been given information from some former trolls and even from current customers. The “integrity” of this crowd is nonexistent. Absolutely no credibility but the more they say they have “integrity” and nobody else does the more their followers think it’s true. It must be that “Dunning-Kruger” effect.

Let’s get down to it. There is a name on our list: Gordon Lively. This name has come up before associated with sending a tech radios a certain “number of years ago” and never heard from that tech. We could not establish any real evidence so we brushed it aside. It was reported to us as a comment on a YouTube video that was apparently deleted. It’s usually in excess of FIVE YEARS. In this case he claims to have sent Mikes Radio Repair some Trams and a Browning “over 5 years ago”. From the history we could dig up he was not even doing repairs to these kinds of radios “over 5 years ago”. This is clearly a fabrication. What is also very interesting is former Fine Tune CB troll and apologist Dave White steps in to talk about how long he has been waiting. How convenient!

There is something else that sticks out. The blog was made aware nearly a year ago that Mikes Radio Repair was “thrown under the bus” by Dave White and that he was not doing anything for him. What we have started to see Dave White doing – as reported previously – is throwing Mikes Radio Repair under the bus on Facebook and other platforms to get back into the “Fine Tune” troll network. He is posting pro Fine Tune propaganda on forums as well. It’s not directly aimed at Mikes Radio Repair but it’s pretty damned obvious that it is. If Mikes Radio Repair has any radios that belong to this guy -HE NEEDS TO GIVE THEM BACK. UNTOUCHED. They *WILL* use those radios against him. You read it here first.

Then there is the number of upvotes that this comment has received in a month to push it to the very top. Even a subcomment! RabbiPorkChop did not just happen to find this comment. We are pretty sure they made this comment. We have started to see comments made by brand new users made in places that were seemingly benign until put into context like this. We are watching a few others now. What they are doing is “cover our ass” types of comments which when Fine Tune gets blamed for something they can now point the finger at someone else.

So, the TLDR:

  1. Fine Tune trolls are making accounts accusing them of doing something that Fine Tune will eventually be accused of doing. Another troll adds a similar story to reinforce it.
  2. The comments sit and marinade.
  3. When Fine Tune gets blamed for something like he is right now, they pull that comment chain out.
  4. They use that comment chain to deflect blame and attack someone else. Like they are doing right now.

Who are they attacking? You guessed it.

Let’s go over the steps now:

Step 1:

Step 2: As you can see above, it has been there a month. It sat for around a week before a Fine Tune troll adds his part to it.

Step 3: Customer complained that Hard Drive is an asshole and takes too long. From
Sidenote: The rumor is that this very same text appeared on WWDX but we cannot establish proof. We can not find any thread with this story in it. Please send?

For anyone interested, I wanted to share my experience with FineTune/Hard Drive/Mark Sherman. I also want to share what I learned as far the ordering process, prices, and promises… Pay Attention!!

I first contacted Fine Tune/Hard Drive/Mark Sherman on Feb 9 via Facebook after making an accct. I was direct, to the point, and made sure not to “waste his time”. I told him that I wanted a Stryker 447 hpc2 and that I was ready to buy. On Feb 22 he called me and we had a convo about the 447. He told me I should get a 955 instead. I told him that I did not have the room in my trucks cubby for a 955. His response was “I dont care, get a different truck”. Strike 1.
I’m a company driver, so getting a different truck is obviously not a viable solution. Reluctantly, I agreed to the 955 and figured maybe I could mount it on the dash and just tackle that problem later. So I paid out my hard earned money, $850 for a Stryker 955 with the knob “upgrade”, $85 for 18′ coax, and $20 for a HD stud. The total was $990. Yes, $990! He told me it would be a6 week wait time, which I’m not sure is reasonable or not, but I agreed.

My company started cracking down on CB’s so I had to contact Mark to change my order back to the 447 since mounting a 955 on the dash was not going to allowed by my company after all. I sent him the message on April 5. This is where it started to go downhill….quickly. He called me later that night and stated that I had never paid him for anything. He was obviously wrong and very disorganized. After looking thru his invoices, trans numbers, or whatever, he finally found where I had paid him. He said it was MY fault because the name on HIS invoice didnt match the name on my FB acct. Blaming me for your mistake and poorly run business….Strike 2.
(I’m prior military and had a unique job which is why I didnt use my real name on the FB acct. I actually dont have ANY social media at all anyways).

I would like to be clear, I never hounded him, bothered him, or continuously asked for updates, etc because we all have been told that “we will only waste his time once.” I just continued to sit and wait patiently and allow him to do his thing. After 3 months, which was twice the original promised time, with no word, no contact, and now wasting MY time…I decided to cancel the order. Strike 3…..your out.

I sent him a message stating that it was now past twice the original promised time frame and that I wanted a refund. Then I started the dispute process thru PayPal (more on that later). He did refund me the full amount with a message thru FB that only said “refunded”. No explanation, no apology, nothing. Pretty arrogant of you ask me. I guess now I’m on his “Black list”. I’m not sure how I will be able to sleep at night knowing this. I thought all the years spent overseas in Iraq and AFG were bad, but knowing that I’m on Mark Sherman’s black list is something that will haunt me in my sleep. Somehow I will have to make due. Lol

During this whole process I felt like I was talked down to, looked down upon, disrespected, and not to mention WAY overcharged (I know, I did agree to the price…totally my fault). I mean, this guy tunes CB radios for a living, it’s not like hes doing Gods work or something, lol. That doesnt make him any better, or more of a man than me or anyone else out there. He needs to get a grip.
I’ve also found out that he now charges $100 as a “consult” fee just to talk to him.

Are his radios the best out there? I dont know, some people seem to think so and are probably even going to attempt to defend him in this thread (and lose some of their credibility while doing so). Are they 2x or 3x better than the other tuned radios out there?….I’m comfortable in saying that I highly doubt that. I’ve learned alot about radios, tunes, coax, antennas, etc, etc from members on this forum, and I sincerely thank you guys. If I knew then, what I know now I never wouldve paid that money, placed that order and made that mistake.

I just wanted to share my experience for anyone and everyone else out there.

Something else I learned thru this process is that PayPal only gives you 90 or 180 days to file a dispute from the date of the original transaction. I’ve heard both time frames so I’m not sure which one is accurate even tho their website states 180 days, I was also told 90. So far warning. So if your promised something from a vendor or company and you dont receive it or it didnt meet your expectations, or is not what you ordered during the dispute time frame….then it’s on you. Theres no disputing it after thru PayPal after the time frame is up. Your screwed. So for me, i learned that in will not agree to any time frame, from any vendor or company, that is beyond PayPals stature of limitations. That would allow you no recourse. To me, that would seem a little too “convenient” for a company or vendor that wishes to do this. Also, PayPal themselves said that people need to be leary of companies, vendors, and people that prefer this method.

So there it is….hope this helps someone.

AND….. Step 4:

The comment DEFLECTS the above and……..

And naturally RabboPorkChop has a video already produced. All in … two hours? complete with Hard Drive comments? The RabbiPorkChop video appeared first. We are subscribed so we knew about it within minutes. We had to wait and see when it dropped on Facebook. It dropped within minutes there but when we clicked the first time he removed it to change it before we could get a clean screenshot.


Cuz. Integrity. Don’t look at me! look at MIKES RADIO REPAIR! One of our trolls sent him some Trams BEFORE he was doing radios! WOOOOOO!!!!!!! We have a DeLorean and it goes 88MPH!

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  1. It was posted on WWDX but deleted within short time. It’s also posted on The Trucker Forum under another name, Abe Froman was the name on WWDX.

    And yes, that’s the sausage king of Chicago! So Hard Drive tried to screw the sausage king, I’m surprised Cameron and Ferris didn’t show up to kick his 163 ass.

    Man, this shit gets deeper every week doesn’t it? Imagine the lives those two and their minions have, nothing but trolling and harassing. Maybe Hard Drive is fucked up in the head from being so close to the VLA? Maybe aliens have abducted him before and anally probed him? Or maybe Hard Drive is an alien and he proved Rabbi and implanted him?

    Hell, maybe they just probe each other, damn if I know.

  2. Hmm, not sure what Faux Tune CB’s problem is with using email to communicate. It takes a lot less time to read an email instead of listening to recordings on a voice mail/answering machine. I’m so tired of people like Faux Tune with their bad attitudes and bashing if their opinion is different. There are one or two folks like that I used to follow on the internet. I’m not sure why it took me so long to realize their attitudes weren’t what I should be following, but I guess better late than never 🙁

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