Surprise! Fine Tune staged comments used a second time and a fake negative review.

In the last blog post we said to wear your tin foil hats. We told you to wear those hats because this comments staging seemed like too much of a conspiracy theory to be true. Two in a 12 hour period is not a conspiracy, it is what they are doing. This is not the last one. We are gearing up for another one within the next 6-8 hours of they hold true to their schedule.

Before we get into this fully we need to explain to people why we are going to slow down or even stop writing about Fine Tune and his troll network. After discussion among the volunteers and some brainstorming we realize that this is all being done for free coverage. A LOT of people read this blog and end up over at Fine Tune reading the propaganda that RabbiPorkChop prepares. It’s free publicity and they are milking it. They are now creating fake content in comments and on forums to create situations just to stay at the top of the blog. Every single time we start to write about other things they create massive amounts of fake news and stay on the front page for days to weeks. We cannot process it as fast as they generate it. They want to be here on the blog. We are taking a vote among the volunteers about not writing any more Fine Tune content because we are finding out that most of it is fake! it’s dreamed up! It’s not something we want to be part of and they will never stop doing it. This is an obsession and illness for them and we are not going to get roped into it. How do we know that RabbiPorkChop writes his content? We know it’s him writing a lot of it because we fed him false information via a set up troll accounts. It ended up on Fine Tune’s Facebook page. Verbatim. Go fishing boys. This is another reason leading to what might be our last posting about Fine Tune. You will know when you don’t see it anymore. They have more troll and fake posting accounts than we have volunteers to track and the existing volunteers are burning out. They will declare some victory. We don’t care.

The victory in itself will be fake because they want to be here. We are nearly into tens of thousands of hits a day. It’s FREE advertising for them! We expect them to blow a gasket with this news.

Now, let’s continue.

We wrote in yesterdays post that the Fine Tune trolls were placing strategic comments. We were watching some of these comments when a different set of comments in the same place we were watching vanished.  Normally any posts by “Dave” of “Don’t be a Dave” are removed. In this case he pointed out that they were about to strike. We missed it.

Within minutes of those comments vanishing Fine Tune had a post up. And those comments vanished within minutes of the blog post going live yesterday. Minutes! YES! MINUTES! But the obsession has continued into doing TWENTY EDITS….. IN TWENTY THREE HOURS. That’s nearly once an hour! SLEEP? He might be able to clear his “backlog” if he was not sitting there editing posts all day and night long. He must not be very busy if he is editing posts ad nauseam. That is not normal. That is an OBSESSION with Mikes Radio Repair and Mark19960.

What is even more strange is just how they conveniently have a VIDEO. YES! A VIDEO! of their trolls comments taken within hours or minutes of those comments being added! The troll added these comments and RabbiPorkChop went in to record a video of it. How else would he know when? A video… OF COMMENTS! How many more videos of comments do they have? We (might be) watching more comments because we know this will probably happen again and very soon. A comment will be deleted, and they will accuse their victim of deleting it and having “no integrity” but we have left COUNTLESS comments on both of their channels with our accounts and even real ones (better go look at those block lists to figure out who!) and they deleted every single comment. Every one. We left a few positive ego stroking ones and those were left alone. But that’s okay for them to do as we have covered at least a dozen times. But no integrity or class! Remember when Fine Tune was tagging a DEAD TECH? Yeah, class and integrity. I found “hey rabbi fuckface” hilarious. But no class! No integrity! Same guy that writes shit in his keywords about a dead tech, tags other shops with disparaging titles and keywords himself. But he has “integrity”

Oh, and let’s not think about calling people “shysters” which is an ETHNIC AND ANTI-SEMITIC SLUR. But class and “integrity”!


OH THE INTEGRITY! Let’s get Hitler back in here. We need more anti-Semites. This is amazing because THREE MONTHS AGO Mark19960 lamented to the very troll account that removed his comments that he kept deleting and editing the comments. The original part of the comment is still there sans troll:

That’s just AMAZING, isn’t it? He must be talking to himself. No….. They set him up like they did Mikes Radio Repair. We have the original comments.

Cuz INTEGRITY! Oh, and class.

The Blog. Click Click.


How is the blog being played? How are you the reader being played? In yesterdays blog post we quoted a post made on Truckers Report. We are told the same post ended up on WWDX before it went to Truckers Report. We got validation of that post. It existed and it was deleted by WWDX staff quite quickly. If any user anywhere anyplace posts a negative review or comment about Fine Tune RabbiPorkChop is there, and he is there within minutes. We have screenshots of RabbiPorkChop being on WWDX during the time this post was there. He saw it. He did not say a thing. There is no way that RabbiPorkChop will not post in defense of his god. When the post ended up on Truckers Report the same thing happened. he said nothing. NOTHING! And Truckers Report is CRAWLING with Fine Tune troll accounts! NONE OF THE TROLLS POSTED? This simply *does not* happen! We have YEARS of history in google searches and around a year of the operation of this blog where RabbiPorkChop has created accounts on forums for the sole purpose of defending his god once someone mentions him, and in some cases banned for it.

Simple answer? They planted it there. It’s very likely a troll account. How do we know? He doesn’t defend his deity ON TWO FORUMS over the same issue? Right. I have a bridge for sale. This same account has “bumped” several Fine Tune threads and backs up one of the other Fine Tune trolls in threads pretty regularly. Remember the troll Craig? We should have known better and realized this was a fake negative review.

Post# 49 gives it away:

In all honesty, I dont mind spending the money for the performance either….but it has to be a justifiable expense. Paying that much money for something that “might” be better is not justifiable in my eyes. Not to mention finding the right place to spend that money, because 99% of the “techs” out there are just the same as the 99% of those drivers you mentioned….they just dont care. They are scammer, shysters, and charlatans.

Bolded text emphasis mine. Notice the words used? The “quotes”? Let me help you out:

They are scammer,[sic] shysters, and charlatans.

Good one RabbiPorkChop. Keeping us on our toes. Well played sir. Next time (if there is one) we will wait for you to start fighting with yourself.


3 thoughts on “Surprise! Fine Tune staged comments used a second time and a fake negative review.”

  1. Do not stop this blog. Yes, it does give them some sort of advertisement but more importantly it exposes them and their schemes. They’re some sad little sacks of shit, they have no life and obviously no friends, except maybe Sherman and that’s just Mofo.

    It’s a big game they’re playing, it’s for the lulz. Mark Sherman is not a business man and he’s not in the radio sales/service/repair or whatever business. He most likely worked in some plant somewhere, being a dumb bitch he fucked up and got hurt and is on disability. He sits in his RV or house and plays radioman, his son Scot, makes funny videos and calls daily to chat with daddy.

    He makes a little money off his videos and he keeps himself entertained during the day editing comments and all that other dumb shit they do. They pretend their so smart and educated but the very people they’re trolling and harassing are the true radio Gods and techs, educated well beyond 163. Mike is a real radio tech, Mark19960 is a real radio tech and yes they make mistakes just like everyone else. Hard drive doesn’t but that’s only because he doesn’t say or do much of shit in his videos so he can’t possibly make a mistake.

    I’m not so sure Mr Hard Drive lives in an RV. I don’t watch many of videos cause they’re just a total damn waste of time. But in one, I’m pretty sure I saw a stucco wall to the right of “the bench” but can’t remember the video I was watching.

    Anyway, keep blogging it. They prove nothing, they show nothing. Watch Mike, he explains things and shows something besides a scope screen. Watch Mark19960, he explains it very well and hides nothing, shows it ALL. There’s nobody on YouTube that runs their pie hole like 163 does and shows nothing for the entire video. Not one forum RabbitDroppingsPorkchop is on has anyone that likes him except other trolls of the fine tune cult.

    Anything Hard Drive can do, Mike or Mark can do better.

    1. Mark AKA fagdrive is so full of crap the lame bitch is a troll and a golden Screwdriver.

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