Telstar Electronics: Fine Tune CB is a “shyster”

What is it with these guys and their ethnic slurs? Fine Tune and his troll army calling people “shysters” and now Telstar Electronics is calling people “shysters” on top of that. I guess “integrity” does not matter as long as they get their jab in on Jewish people. The holocaust was not enough apparently. And some of these people like Fine Tune and Telstar claim to have “integrity” while throwing racial and ethnic slurs out there to score some cheap points.


33 thoughts on “Telstar Electronics: Fine Tune CB is a “shyster””

  1. I never knew that the word “shyster” had racist connotations. I always just thought it was someone that was trying to put one over, or screw you. That’s why I like this website. Honesty and no bull, unlike people that insist that the FQP13N10s are ticking time bombs, or road flares.

  2. As Dave Chappelle said in a skit once “this racism is killing me”.

    And Fine Tune is the WacArnolds of the CB world, he’s tearing this family apart, haha.

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