Manipulating Fine Tune and trolls: Very easily done

One way to flush out suspected troll accounts is to place information in places that the suspected troll frequents. Another project of ours was to see what information is being used or looked at, where it is obtained, and how they use it. Socialblade is one resource we use when looking at how often videos are edited and deleted, or how many subscribers are purchased.

We wanted to know if Fine Tune or the trolls buying the likes, dislikes, views, or subscribers uses Socialblade to view metrics related to their TOS violating activities. several months ago we started to work on a plan to inflate the views of these statistics on Socialblade because we learned that a channel will be given a trending “flame” icon if people view it a lot. We knew that this would be something he would surely brag about – or at least one of the trolls – if he was looking. well, it turns out someone was looking.Now we know.


Sorry Hard Drive. We caused it with a combination of scripts and keyboard/mouse macros. Not very many people are looking at it. Just some scripts and macros. 🙂 It took the technical guys around a week create it and set it up. We let it run for around two weeks on several old laptops in different parts of the country. Thank you for letting us know that this is one of the resources that you utilize to violate Youtube’s terms of service. It was quite tricky for the technical teams to get around the Cloudflare DDOS protection and then distribute it to the volunteers to run on their computers.

We were getting worried when we saw the flame icon appear early last week that we wasted our time with this project. Good job tech team! Should we do it to BBI next?

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3 thoughts on “Manipulating Fine Tune and trolls: Very easily done”

  1. So that’s why that cocksucker was appearing under the engineering tab, I hope you guys use this exposure to get his channel flagged.
    Otherwise you just boosted his presence on YouTube and you exposed more unkowning people to his scam.

    It really doesn’t matter at this point because he’s going to get flagged anyway.

    You can’t select educational or scientific as your video topic and then go on to explain absolutely nothing, most of the population is technically illiterate but the ones that spot it will definitely flag him.

    I hate scammers.

  2. Check this out… Fine tune CB radio shop purposely damages someone’s amp on his bench.
    Watch the Bird Watt Meter with 1000 watt slug at 20:35. He over drives the piss out of the amp and something bad happens. He then claims it’s your fault if he smokes your equipment at his shop.

  3. that cocksucker…….. i bought a brand new stryker 955 from him to use as a driver for a 2×10 pill amp. twice i had a fire in the radio. i bought a new one from somewhere else and never had a problem since! stay away from fine tune. its all gimmicks. he
    had me ship the amp to him so he could marry them together. well if they were married together then why the fires? i use the LP100-A for a meter and am always on top of swr- and heat, coax is lmr 240, 300 amp altenator ,1OT welding wire to the three battery banks. ground straps every 3 feet frame to body,body to exhaust and bumpers.

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