Telstar discovers One Stop

We are surprised it has not happened sooner! Classic Telstar emulating Fine Tune, the people of One Stop do not have an IQ over 25. If everyone in One Stop had an IQ of less than 25 they would not be able to write posts let alone have a group. What we will not dispute is that they have some real winners in One Stop, but to say the group collectively has a “low IQ” is hyperbole. To make matters worse there are about a dozen different IQ tests with different ranges and they are all controversial.


One stop is a lot of things but too stupid to function beyond suckling is not it. But Game Of Thrones is over now so Telstar probably needs to get out there and repossess the satellite receivers from all of the customers that just cancelled their sub.


1 thought on “Telstar discovers One Stop”

  1. Wow, more insults. I guess that’s the norm, though. People should be appreciative of their customers, but I guess I am asking too much.

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