Fine Tune Troll gets burned by his holiness Hard Drive

When are you guys going to learn? What is it going to take before you trolls realize that you are fodder that he throws out there to do his dirtywork? “Looks like” “Craig” got burned by his mentor and tries to take the high road out. That is, after the video about people on channel 6 debacle…. If you noticed my quotes around “looks like” then you are reading! I think there is more to this… but first the relevant section of the post….

Bold sections – emphasis mine, my comments are in red

This will be my one comment on mark…
I agree is is not the most savy of people but has good intentions..
Yes he has quirks n such and things and by no means much of a people person but he can surprize you..I personally still think he is a bethoven with radios…Im sure ya all will dispute that remark lol…
Most people will dispute that. The Beethoven comparison is a little out there. 

He has called me a few times (an hr long two way chat or more)and bs ed about general life then went into tech mode and with his background talked wayyyyy over my head in techy stuff…Again he has good intentions but it doesnt always show…
Blog research shows that he doesn’t have a background. Just a guy that stood over another guy at a truck stop and learned on your dime. Former truck driver turned radio god? Not very likely. He stands on the shoulders of giants held up there by trolls like Craig, here.

His prices are a lil high but somewhat understandable in some respect but totally nuts in others…He does go deeper into his tunes and mods than most techs do..As we all know many just tune for wide open unuseable power to impress the meter watchers and chest puffers…
So in that respect i applaud his work and results….
I didnt like how he talked about me to another customer in a negitive way when he gets upset when you make a constructive comment on his channel or general comments annoy him,cant have it both ways……
He is surprised by this? Why? This is EXACTLY what they do! They edit their comments on a daily if not weekly basis. This troll, or now former troll knows this because he engaged in it himself as a Fine Tune troll. If you as one of his trolls or shills say anything that even remotely questions dear leader Hard Drive you are going to find out the hard way. If you are just a guy making a comment you will be blocked and your comments deleted. Fake news is the lay of the land over at Fine Tune CB Shop. He just found out the hard way.

In the defense of Hard Drive, this is the way it is on virtually -ALL- CB related YouTube channels EXCEPT for the three I know about. These other channels have even engaged with their critics. You will never see that on other channels. *NEVER*

Bottom line for me is that i would buy again but he has sence “NOT” to do business with me based on above mentions….

Another thing that bugs the crap outta me is that he couldnt,wouldnt tell me himself..It tooks months and he did it through another person,man up mark..

He figured out what we have been writing on the blog for almost a year. Others have spent years saying this.

I had much respect for the man and his work and even considered a somewhat of a friend but it went in the crapper when above events surfaced…

Solely for that he deserves no respect..

And the people that grant this person respect after setting trolls like Craig above and RabbiPorkChop loose on peoples’ families and the greater community are morally bankrupt. The constant and never ending trolling, harassment… just look at their respective channels. Now go to one of their victims, say Lester’s Customs, Bell’s CB, Or Mike’s Radio Repair and see if you can find the harassment videos about Fine Tune CB? You won’t find one. Curious isn’t it? 


My biggest problem here is that the other Fine Tune trolls came out and “liked” the post. That almost tells me that this post was designed to end an argument that they were losing quite badly. What better way then to have a troll fall on the sword at the start to lower your guard, then praise the same guy you just dragged thru the mud. It did a really good job at diffusing it for roughly a day or so until someone saw thru it and dragged it back out.

I am not a believer in “Craig” because it’s too convenient. It was a quick and easy way to end a 16 page threadnaught without conceding anything. They have done this before and they will do it again. Question is, will the population of the CB forum on Truckers Report buy this? It was damage control pure and simple. They had lost control and this was a way to regain it.

Cuz, integrity… Even talks about his customers behind their backs.


3 thoughts on “Fine Tune Troll gets burned by his holiness Hard Drive”

  1. I don’t post on the WWDX site, but have been reading many of Rabbiporkpie’s posts regarding “Payattention TapTap’s” videos and tunes. It’s hard to believe he thinks nobody else can replicate Hard Drive’s “tunes”. It’s basically like he’s saying “I’m the only one that can talk this far on a “barefoot” radio (it’s not really barefoot though, is it?) And, if you say you have a similar radio setup, or can talk as far, he wants proof. Seems like a lot of trouble, lol. What does RabbiPC have to gain by ALWAYS advocating Sherman’s “tunes”?

    1. Sherman doesn’t sell radios, it’s a hoax. It’s a massive illusion to just generate views on YouTube to make money to pay lot rent for his Cousin Eddie RV. Every Stryker 955 you see on his “tuned bench” is the same radio, same goes for the rest of his radios.

      Sherman and Rabbi dance around in the desert dressed like Buffalo Bob from Joe Dirt, holding hands and giggling. Then they prance off to the TapTap Lab where they “get down to business” building Sherman Enterprises making videos showing “muh integrity”.

      Yeah, there’s nobody with a Fine Tune radio besides Sherman himself and maybe Rabbi, that’s questionable too. Nobody else has one on the planet because they don’t exist.

  2. My Tech’s alignment is the best in the world says Rabid Butt Munch…
    And if you think you Tech can do better the burden of proof lays with you..

    Wait a minute that is not how this works, that’s not how any of this works…

    If you make spectacular or extraordinary claims the burden of proof lies with you to prove those claims.

    It’s pretty funny how there have been no neutral or third-party analysis of “fine-tunes” work… Yet him and his cohort run around demanding proof from everybody else.

    Hypocrites with no integrity.
    “Black Box bandits” with a fake YouTube community, bought and paid for likes, a heavily regulated comment section and so on and so forth.

    What a tool bag!

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