Fine Tune troll: RabbiPorkChop wants to “help you”

I am sure he wants to help you right into the arms of Hard Drive, right along with your hard earned money. But for a known troll that preaches the religion of Fine Tune to say another troll that preaches the same religion and will harass you and your family if you do not conform is “helping you” isn’t even a reach. It’s just not the case. He needs you to believe.

We keep hearing about this mythical creature that only he has. I have a bridge to sell you. This fine excerpt from WWDX, oh sorry, one of the “romper room” forums sums it up the best:

Amazing. I guess he needs it “redone correctly” because it was not done “correctly” the first time. This is not the first time he has admitted that it needs constant attention and to be “redone”. But if these Sherwood forest people would be so impressed why doesn’t he get Robin Hood and Friar Tuck to take a look at it and render their verdict that the poor plebes should get a “Fine Tune” radio?

Oh spare me. These people need and want validation from others. It’s how they are able to wake up in the morning. They dream of a comfy sofa with Fine Tune radios served up like coffee and cake while the plebes (that’s me and you) sit patiently for a crumb.

Smoke and mirrors. But Integrity from a guy that has over 100 videos to harass people and other techs. He is just “helping you” out. We cannot make this stuff up. It’s there for your reading pleasure in the only place they maintain a presence to troll.

Don’t be a sheep. Remind you of someone?


Cuz. Integrity.


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  1. Has Rabbiporkpie ever actually shown proof (with documentation, of course) what the specs. are on his loontune radio? Not just some picture of a “mountain” range telling us where he talked, but an independent source that is NOT loontune?

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