Fine Tune trolls take over Truckers Report: Some users revolt

It never ends when it comes to the Fine Tune trolls. The Truckers Report forum once thought to be a safe space for Fine Tune trolls has started to become hostile. Straw the broke the camels back? WorldwideDX turned out in the end to be a toxic environment for them which is why they now consider that forum to be part of the so-called “Romper Room” that includes the likes of Mark19960 And Mikes Radio Repair.

Several users on Truckers Report have simply had enough of Craig and RabbiPorkChop. Their number one goal is to deride anyone that uses a CB radio that was purchased from anyone other than Fine Tune. As of this writing the top 9 threads – yes – the TOP NINE THREADS all have gone solidly Anti-Fine Tune as the users are sick to death of being told that their choice of Bell’s CB or Bob’s CB or any other place of purchase is “incorrect” and they need to go buy from Fine Tune. One thread was a direct troll of RabbiPorkChop and it took him until page 3 to get it. He can do quantum physics on a CB radio but he can’t even see the most basic trolling where he is the punchline. Same thing happened on WWDX. People are starting to laugh at them, not with them.

Fine Tune troll Craig was obviously sent in on a few threads probably after RabbiPorkChop grew tired of being ridiculed and ended up fairing a lot worse. Another subject brought up was his distaste for Americans (since he is Canadian) and his less than politically correct references to people on the super bowl.

We know that the trolls are kicking off a new offensive. Fine Tune and his new box are likely going to be the new line of attack as suggested in comments and user emails into the blog. They really are that transparent. Everyone knows what is coming next…. we already know what it is…. Hard Drive and Rabbi have already dropped the hint more than once…. they will look foolish….. but they will do it anyway.

Cuz, integrity. That’s why they are quickly becoming persona non grata everywhere they go and running out of safe spaces.

2 thoughts on “Fine Tune trolls take over Truckers Report: Some users revolt”

  1. This time i have to say, that Fine-Tune did something new: He was honest. And that is what i like. I often thought “no hope left”, but maybe…
    In his last video he promotes a small chinese handheld counter. He sells it for 150 USD. He aligns it to his new GPS-DO at 10 MHz. That is way to much money in my opinion, i guess other girls and boys that are in the business feel the same way.
    But: He honestly say that it can be found on ebay for 50 or 60 bucks. And people can buy a GPS DO by themselfes an do the alignment. So that is fair. No need to bash. If he only could act so honest everytime when on air…it would be great. Just saying what he does, what he wants and how to get. And not bashing other people, sell vodoo and shitting on the rest of the world. That would be great. Less dirty-old-man, more professional guy. Maybe some hope left…

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