The Fine Tune trolls are out in force on the forums

Several tips landed in my inbox over the last several days. A few relating to the Fine Tune troll we know as “Craig”. The story I got was that he went into the CB Show And Tell group on Facebook and during a live video allegedly made some rather bigoted remarks about Americans and in particular those that frequent the super bowl, and the color slant that is present there. Newsworthy, but no evidence was presented so no article at the time. Until a video he made as a follow-up landed in my inbox. Something happened because he defends it.

He has the following to say at the start of the 1 minute and 42 second video:

I really don’t understand some of you folks, I really, really don’t. Made a video, posted it up here. some of you took it wrong I don’t know why you would take it wrong I don’t know why you think I was racist cuz I work with people of difference races all the time and I have no problems with it never did never will.

That’s it! Right CUZ? If you say you worked with people of difference races or ethnic backgrounds that somehow makes it all better! Clearly the group administrators found a problem with BOTH of his videos and removed them. I can remember in a Fine Tune video where he won’t associate with bigoted people. Unless you are one of his trolls, I guess.

Oh, and we have Rabbi. Reportedly trolling on WWDX again and certainly Truckers Report.

I’m a local driver and until my kids turn 18 I will remain a local driver and I will not be making any trips to Mississippi but I did offer him an opportunity to show us how great His Radio is working and he has no interest in showing us anything because I gave him some GPS coordinates and he refuses to show us anything of any substance.

Oh this is great stuff. Rabbi won’t leave PA until his kids turn 18. What a convenient excuse. Rabbi seems to portray this benevolence by offering this opportunity. It was such a golden opportunity to drive to PA, do the same thing Rabbi did with another troll, then get told that you “faked” it anyway. Cuz! you know, Rabbi has “Integrities and stuff” that rubbed off from Fine Tune when he sprinkled pixie dust into the radios.

But he can drive to “almost every technician in the country” to put them to the test? But his underage kids? No, it’s because he cannot pass up an opportunity to go seek out some tech to trash and he will drive thousands of miles to get a 5 minute bashing video. The kids never mattered when he was visiting these 70 or 60 technicians or whatever it is this week…

Cuz, my kids man.

I hate to break it to you man, Rabbi and the other Fine Tune trolls will NEVER apologize. You could watch Rabbi steal a cookie from a jar, have 5 different cameras that recorded where and when he stole the cookie and he will tell you that you had someone doctor all 5 videos while you were standing there watching him steal the cookie to frame him.

Cuz! You aint got no “integrity” when you won’t go to PA and submit to a trial where the judge and jury are the same guy that you have to
“impress” and the outcome is predetermined. Don’t do business with these people and tell everyone you know not to do business with these people. EVER.

Integrity. He has it all. Delusions of grandeur.

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  1. Rabbi, the big defender of the dirty old man with his tap-tap-tap vodoo “bench”. You can pic up his old, surplus HP, the old TEK scope and his Birdie for 1000.- USD. His Amtech certs you can get for 400 USD. Done.
    After ripping of 2-3 poor customers he had his money back. Its funny: This d-o-m calls other techs equipment “mediocre”…his shitty 25yo setup is just cheap. And wow: he just bought a chinese GPS-DO. Awesome. That is what most professional use for years, either Rubidiums or GPS DO. Back then it was very expensive. Now even a vodoo preacher on the run can afford. Next RV stop: Canada? Arizona? I guess: Mexico. Just close enough to get there without be broken for tankstop.

    1. Did not bother to ask anyone about the box when I saw the video. I assumed it was because Mikes Radio Repair got some box he had to get one too.
      Now that you made this comment I have and a few people replied and told me that he bought an old model and that the “romper room” technicians (Mike and Mark) as he calls them have had these boxes for ages.
      I need to go back and watch a few videos. It might get interesting if he goes after them for not having these boxes when they do.

      1. I do not know, if Marc has a GPS DO, i think so. But i bet, at least Mike, has a rubidium standard or a GPSDO for years. Don´t get me wrong: This chinese box is not bad! But today it is not worth to cheer about it. It is the same with the RigExpert analyzer. Hell, it is a simple tool. Very useful, no secrets behind that. I guess he always shouts in the cam “Read the book” to his fanboys, because he want them to explain him how to insert the batteries so he can use it.. Boy o boy, dirty-old-man ranting around.

        1. I did send him an email to ask him if he has one of these boxes but that guy is very selective in what he will answer.
          Oh course I am supposed to be him anyway so I might not be answering my own question. It’s better for me!

          This is part of the game.
          Don’t look at me! look at him! Go read the book! Go watch the videos! Pay attention!
          I mentioned the Dunning-Kruger EFFECT in one of my articles and they now use it incorrectly and refer to it as a “syndrome”.
          These two don’t know how to use a dictionary or thesaurus.

          This is a turf war. I need to draw a Venn diagram of the techs for an article some time. It might be interesting to see.

          1. I know what you mean. May i will choose one of the next threads here to explain my 2 cents. I do believe there could be peaceful coexistence between several technicans. Every single man has its own focus, and that is fine. But some guys must go through the “Ebenezer Scrooge sequence” to realize what they do to others. 73 and peace 😉

  2. Ah, Scot just reacts in the vid. Pal, no need to excuse yourself. It´s not a shame to buy used equipment. I do it by myself from time to time. But please: Do not make such a noise around it. It as rediculous as to be proud that your 2015 Civic has powersteering or automatic climate control. It is nothing special to shout out.
    Tell your daddy just to do his job good. Tell him, he should be polite to customers, video consumers on YT and other techs. He should not fool people with such a nonsense as “magical coax”, microscopic microvolts on a CB radio that only he could do and other vodoo shit like his “tuned bench” . Man, just do a good job and show people REAL good work. Fraud and lies will not stand. Good work will stand forever. Turn to the bright side, accept other techs and have a life. Not that life in your “REAL WORLD”. I have no doubt that he can sell good working radios, but some other do also. Without hate and shitting people that do not know what there are drinking with those vids.

    1. I can’t wait for him to “tune his bench” with his new antenna Analyzer.
      What a hoot…. checking the operation of a communications test set with an MFJ or Rigexpert.
      I wonder what Keysight has to say about it.

  3. Floppy drive 163 has 20 years experience – yea more like 1 year experience 20 times over.

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