Jokerman to be added to the faux One Stop blacklist without discussion.

It would appear that Pug Daddy has decided to add Jokerman. No vote. No discussion. Why this is noteworthy is because they tried to put the entire NRO group on trial in a kangaroo court. It went up on a poll but NRO votes didn’t count. And just like that, it was swept aside. Again.

Let’s not misunderstand. Jokerman needs to be avoided. He has ripped off several customers, creates fraudulent reviews, and his work just plain sucks. (But he is trying! Right Hard Drive?) Pug Daddy decided to do it cuz, well he can. If he can decide just like that why did NRO get a vote? I can think of several reasons that NRO got one, and none of them are in their best interests. I guess the process to be added to their list has a different set of rules depending on who you are.

But, alas, Jokerman is added without discussion. “Fair” and “unbiased” right Pug?

No consistency, No fairness on the faux black white list. Rulebreaking? Totally allowed!

Yes, this is what you can expect from One Stop. Fair and balanced, Isn’t that right father of pugs?

Member as of this writing is still a member of the one stop list with not even a reprimand. Let’s take a look at those rules shall we?




11 thoughts on “Jokerman to be added to the faux One Stop blacklist without discussion.”

  1. Pug likes to copy a winner. What else can you do when no one ever visits your site? Seems to me the REAL Black List took weeks, giving every chance for Jokerman to do the right thing. Reaching out to him and trying to make this right. The fake list just copied. Because, well the fake list is …well…fake.

  2. Interesting one of you are in that group. That would be a nice leak.

    Leak leak

  3.…..look here for 2 month actions

    JOKERMAN ELECTRONICS was posted here on 02/07/2019 to start with,around 04/01/2019 he was placed on the blacklist,2 months later….for 2 months I gave him opportunity to do what was right,for 6 months I asked for return of amplifier.Within that time,he lied to the BBB of SC and refused letters of complaints from the SOUTH CAROLINA DEPT OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS,refused to accept the mail,returned,So he had opportunity to do what was right,even members of the BLACKLIST tried to contact him to make a resolution in the matter……so chances where given to him.On a number of occasions I emailed him to say we didnt have to be in this situation,he refused to answer.When I posted negative reviews of his business,he got mad,almost cursing,He has no business licence?? but wanted to give me a fake 10 day notice of $250 or he would sell amp,but in 3 days he raised price buy double to $500. Thats a total of $1065 for a $850 amplifier and by email he said he could raise the price to $1200…So he was placed on BLACKLIST.I didnt know what I was getting myself into but further research shows before to me others had gone thru the same situation as I…NO DELIVERY,NO PRODUCT,SLOW DELIVERY,REFUSAL OF RETURN OF MONEY,REFUSAL TO ANSWER EMAIL,PHONES AND IT JUST GOES ON,BLAMING OTHER FOR PROBLEMS,EVEN THE MANUFACTURERS .Maybe now others will know what dealing with him might involve…

    1. Jokerman electronics hold amplifier hostage..he has had amplifier for 14 months…the original job was to replace 10 pills but he decided to do a total rebuild,,,,,,,,,,,without permission…..and when I asked him to return amp he refused ,,,saying I do good work and my name is my reputation…………..after 14 months and counting,that tells the whole story..14 months and wants more money,,,,for something that doesnt work,thats his reputation,PARTS CHANGER AND SEE IF THIS WORKS

      1. James Stewart
        such a crybaby!! fake news .guys going around post and lies about my business and all he had to do is pay this bill/what a man was supposed to do give the amplifier without paying the bill,,, he’s a big Crook in the big Cry-Baby.when you go to Car Lot you pay your don’t cry about it if it’s more than what it is you have to pay for it.and this is the honest truth..he’s such a big Thief,,
        he’s got you involved and he’s telling lies about what happened..such fake news I sent him invoices two times you probably didn’t tell you that,it’ll tell you the amplifier was messed up on recognition,I’m honest person I’m not going to give you back and amp it doesn’t work and he also didn’t tell you it was full waterlogged the whole thing board came up there was so much work to be,I gave him lots of chances to pay the bill..what would you do if somebody was posting bad things about my wife and my family all over the wouldn’t like it either right.this guy is way too much and out-of-control that’s why I can have to go down to the Sheriff’s Department.file a criminal case against him,,he has gone way too far,he is telling lies about my company fake news and threatened me and my family several times.he’s such a liar and a thief.tell tell you I try to work with him ,,this guy has sickness in him. And things about my wife all over the web pictures of the other I don’t know,kind of person that you don’t want to hang out right,oh no he don’t tell you that right,one thing I don’t do is lie and this guy has very sickness in him,I gave him ten days cuz he would not pay his bill and I had no other choice to sell it I was the kindness of my heart trying to help him out ,,,,HE burned it three times the amp,it was pouring out so bad that he don’t tell you that all the caps were burnt and all the ceramic disc capacitors,you don’t see the other side would happen so you just assumed what he says which is wrong to do that to,you just don’t want me to say anything but don’t let me tell my side of the story and that is the God’s truth on my dad grave,,today I’m telling you the truth from the Bible,God bless everybody out there and don’t let anybody get over on you or tell lies like this guy is owner jason p,s I would never screw anybody over and that’s God’s truth,this is a real business


    2. Jokerman strikes again,this time its MARK YATES,see post :…….”THIS POST IS PUBLIC”

      Jason Lewis (Jokerman Electronics) cashed my check for $650.00 and refuses to build my 4 pill amplifier. After I confronted him about cashing check and keeping my hard earned money Jason blocks me on Facebook. Yes some of you warned me about dealing with Jason and I should have took everyone’s advise. I called local law enforcement and talked to a detective. Hopefully I can put Jason Lewis behind bars where he belongs.

  4. Just another joker rip off scam see below:

    This is my customer speaking after I decided to try and help him recover the radio and or money:
    Tim this has nothing to do with you guess that’s between me and Joker man I talked to him over the phone nicely I told him to send me back the radio he begged me for the money he had it since 3 21 18
    It’s a Cobra 29 all he had to do is to repair it and that’s it. That was almost 1.5 years now and I still haven’t got the radio yet it’s sitting on his shelf collecting dust all I want is the radio back that’s it from him that’s all I’m asking just send me back the radio he told me I’m going to ship it that way I get paid on Friday that was at least 5 separate times I get paid Friday so i said that’s okay fine I’ll wait until Friday still no call no show no text no email from him for a long time now

    Well folks Jason has done it again to one of my customers. I spoke with the joker on the phone I have the call to prove it and he stated to me after I got on the phone for my customer which Joker would not talk to or reply to calls or e mail`s for 1.5 yrs now that he “Jason” paid 40.00 to send a radio to me that should have cost 14 bucks!! I told him how to ship it and everything and I about lost it on him when he was laughing about it . And It has not got here yet that was over 5 days now. He has my name, address and phone number. He screwed one of my customers out of $281 bucks on a 29 that he did nothing to “verified on the phone call”. I stated to Jason what he did for $281 he went into mumbo jumbo mode and I just had to stop and hang up at that point. When I asked my customer why my customer sent it to him he stated Jason begged him to send it to him and really needed the money. My customer stated he felt sorry for him so he sent the radio and $281 up front. I about went ballistic when I heard that. So, No radio no money no Jason at this point. I spent about 2 hrs of my own time for free trying to help my customer out to no avail. It is now out of my hands completely. But if i do get the item I will follow up here. Tim

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