RabbiPorkChop’s Geography and all base stations in “the bayou” have 8 element beams

The gift that keeps giving. It was only a matter of time before they started coming back out of the woodwork on their favorite troll networks. RabbiPorkChop thinks that base stations in “the bayou” are made up of 8 element beams on rotors (well, no shit?) and on flat ground. If he is referring to the Mississippi delta then yeah, it’s pretty flat down there. But every base station has an 8 element beam? I have no doubt there are stations with 8 element beams around there someplace. But, they have these things called HURRICANES on a yearly basis. It’s not likely that every base station is rocking an 8 element beam. Probably on a tilt over tower if they are smart. This is just more hyperbole to make his 100 watt SSB run between mountain peaks look good.

Observe the sentence he quoted. We will go to the original post and see what was really said about this. the original poster explains the conditions and Rabbi did his pickie choosie perception warping on the entire post.

Then Craig the duck decides to run his mouth about me in the Las Vegas cb Shop thread saying I have a crap radio with big claims but not proof. Really? Well, I usually talk up to 150 miles a day to my friends down here on their base stations. I’m in a 2017 Cascadia daycab running a RadioActive General Lee and a fatboy 2 pill. It’s probably a splatterbox, never been on an oscilloscope, never been on a spectrum analyzer. I have no idea what my coax impedance is and frankly don’t care. My swr’s are 1.2 on a 6 foot skipshooter on the mirror and my reflect watts is less than 1%

For context, Craig is another Fine Tune troll. “Shogun” states:  “…. my friends down here on their base stations”. The “down here” is the important thing because his location on his profile is Mississippi. He does not specify where in Mississippi on his profile just that he lives in that state. He says later in the post:

Tuesday morning I left out headed for Harrisburg, Arkansas. My friend WW is on a 5 element beam just west of Philadelphia, Ms. I text him when I get to Batesville, Ms about 120 miles northwest of him to see if he will point north and talk to me since I can’t break for him over other close stations, probably 25 people total.

Oh, in this one case it’s a 5 element beam. Let’s not forget that it has a rotor! I guess three elements fell off the beam somewhere in the Bayou. But where is Philadelphia, Mississippi? Hint: It’s not in the Bayou. Not even close! It’s halfway up the state east northeast of Jackson, Mississippi. Over 200 miles as the bird flies from “the Bayou” and all of that flat land and, you guessed it, somewhat more rough terrain.

How does RabbiPorkChop get an 8 element beam (with rotor!) in “the Bayou” from 5 elements and central Mississippi? We learned here that in order to try to win the argument he will change information and thus create a lie. While writing this article the original poster, Shogun, replied below wondering the same things?

What I don’t think the original poster “Shogun” realizes is that this is what Rabbi does. He lies and trolls. Then he trolls to try to cover the lies which require more trolling and lying. Eventually when he can’t win he either stops replying, gets the thread closed, or accuses you of being out of touch with “the real world” and that he can’t “fix stupid people” that “don’t get it” or “you drank Mikes kool-aid” and watched a Mark19960 video as a chaser. Or Bells CB did your “tune” and he posts one of his troll videos about Bell’s CB. Any number of straw man arguments are thrown in and usually other trolls come in (like Craig, Or Tom) to bolster the defence. He might throw in the 50, 60, or 70 technicians (depending on the planetary alignment, of course) that worked on his Anytone before it went to Fine Tune.

Noteworthy is that he doesn’t claim that he did it “barefoot” anymore. Now it’s just “mobile stations with short antennas” because we all know “barefoot” isn’t working for them. It causes too many arguments that they can’t win because they are 50-100 watt radios. Virtually everyone regards “barefoot” as a legal powered radio as in 4 watts. The two people in question were (so they say) 120 miles apart. In the attached video he says he is “at the 255” which I will take to mean mile marker and not exit. Como, Ms is mentioned and that’s exit 257. It’s plausible. Route 19 west of Philadelphia, MS is anywhere from 100 miles to 124 miles from mile marker 255, so it’s still plausible. We have no reason to distrust this person because he doesn’t make a habit of trolling and there is little about him. It’s just a couple of guys talking on the radio. His situation passes even a basic smell test. No outrageous claims are made. These two were also talking AM. Not SSB. That’s in the recording. One end was using “a 2 pill” that he disclosed so ~ 200 watts or so unless it’s been goosed to death and we all know that’s probably the case – but it’s working for them. We don’t know what the situation at the base was. How much power? how high is the beam? what beam is it? What radio? Nothing we know, but in their twisted little minds I guarantee it’s a station with some super duper 50,000 watt linear and 1.21 jigowatt receiver that can receive from a parallel universe and that “it’s not fair” to their “fine tuned radios”.

Rabbi has to turn it into a troll. It’s deliberate. You will never have a legitimate debate with this person. He is incapable of having one. Here is a rough overview of their trip:

Hey… looks a little more rough to me. But the beam has a rotor! ZOMG WOW!
Sorry, I can’t get over that. I guess he assumes that people will use a beam without a rotor. You can, but how many people do that? It’s his choice of filler material that cracks me up.

The quoted post:


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  1. This is Shogun. I make this trip daily. My friend is on a Maco M105 if I’m not mistaken, and I’m not sure of his power output. Rabbi and Craig have been trolling in TruckersReport for a long time and I’m well aware of it. He purposely discounts or twists what people say to undermine it to make his pathetic argument seem stronger.

    He needs to take his mudduck story somewhere else/

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